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Hello Mr. Benton we're the fringe. We hear you are the best in the business!

Best in the business at building grassroots movements. We hear it's what you got hired for. Congrats on that. We also hear you are gonna be a "tea party" leader! What fun! Do you get a whole new outfit for that or do you kinda have to make due with what you have in the closet? Or the considerable amount of baggage you suddenly travel with?

We're not too concerned about you finding a good fashion consultant. And the "tea party" thing these days can be had for a hand job. I mean that job can be made with a hand shake. And fries to go. Heck man they were practically giving them things away in Tampa or so it's reported. But you know how rumours go these days. Whatever.

So we're pretty curious to see how yer gonna do that grassy rootsy building thing. Cause oddly enough, we have an interest in the field. Given as we don't have your illustrious track record, years of experience and we have no such reputation as "best in the business". Heck, for most of us, it's not even a business. I know, us rank amateurs getting in the way of you real pros. Must be annoying. Like Ansel Adams reanimating and a bunch of paparazzi hounding and embarrassing him right back to death or something.

If I may speak for the fringe, sorry we stepped on YOUR grassroots. Perhaps I speak for all of us fringers when we say we're glad that we're out of your hair and you can go back to doing what you do best. I'd get sentimental but it's not goodbye. We'll be talking about you, checking your moves, you are probably more famous than the candidate you are pimping! Bro, YOU ARE A STAR! I can only speculate that you will get attention no matter where you go in life. Such is the life of a celeb. A life like those in fashion magazines and mainstream TV shows...something us fringers can only dream of but never really participate in. It's just not in our makeup. Or our hair coloring. Anyways,

Adieu for now!

-The Fringe
as depicted by Smudge

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What the

Seriously, whats with all these threads?

Its a Distraction, Get over it!

Get on with taking your country back, The Ultra Corrupt are running the show, so get angry with them.

Benton, Sheesh , Who gives a Sh . . .

Certainly better able to do so

if we know who our friends are...and aren't.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.