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Dear Rand: "We bled with Ron... We want to bleed with you"

But we can't and won't.

A heartfelt apology from you is what is needed.
We don't care about your book.
We don't care that you introduced your father at the RP rally during the convention.
We don't care about any other gestures that you make from here on out....EXCEPT, for an

"I really blew it" kind of apology.
"I am SO sorry for pandering to the Republican Party" kind of apology.
"I'm going to expose the very people I sold out to just to show you how sorry I am" kind of apology.

Outside of that, I daresay that any informed Liberty/Ron Paul supporter is NOT going to support YOU.


You need to understand that we feel betrayed.
You need to understand that we are NOT with you anymore.

"We bled with Ron...Now we want to Bleed with you"

There is but one way to get us back.

The aforementioned is a start.


William Wallace

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Rand isn't Ron. The sooner we

Rand isn't Ron. The sooner we all come to terms with it, the better.

You have a father, and maybe you have a son. Are you all the same? Do you all believe exactly the same things?

I may be wrong but I think I get it now. Rand ain't Ron, we just want him to be. Rand is a liberty oriented GOPer. Ron is a full fledged principled libertarian. If, like me, you were attracted to Ron's libertarianism, Rand will disappoint. It just is what it is.

But, it's not all bad. You may not ever be inclined to work as hard for Rand as Ron, but there will be others who couldn't fully support Ron who will. Don't turn away from Rand completely. He's still on the right side. If he has a chance, at least vote for him.

Ron may be a once in a lifetime candidate for principled libertarians.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Stop crying

Know what you really need?


Yes sir, that's some Johnson Baby No Tears. Guaranteed to keep those whiny eyes dry.

I'd rather Rand keep doing EXACTLY what he's doing. Placate the neocons with meaningless "We're on the same team here guys" talk while furthering our agenda in the Senate. Like right now, where he holds up the entire Senate to try and reduce foreign aid. He's doing an AWESOME job as a senator.

Don't call me uninformed. Look at the voting record and behavior in the Senate. The rest is chin music.

Eric Hoffer


stupid post. Rand's actions in the Senate are what I judge him by & he's the best Senator in America. So quit being pissy just because he isn't an exact carbon copy of Ron. He's the next best thing.