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Analysis by Adam Kokesh: Jesse Benton Resigns From C4L

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Let me guess... Kokesh looking angsty in a wife beater saying

F this, F that... Rambling about how we don't need anyone, we have technology and we're going to 'EVOLVE' (into cyborgs).

Kokesh doesn't have a monopoly on being anti-Benton. Most of the Daily Paul was there in '08.

If there is another reason to watch this let me know, but I don't want to give Kokesh any views unless he's going to talk about restoring the Republic.

You know, like he used to.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Adam needs to rethink his delivery

Adam needs to work on his delivery. Keep in mind; it wasn't Adam who championed the Liberty Movement. It was Ron. Adam is a tremendous soldier in the liberty movement, but he seems to be acting out in frustration rather than reason. I agree with Adam, but he needs to realize that his delivery is never going to gain any traction. I curse, swear and act horribly most of the time. However, I certainly refrain from that behavior when I'm trying to use my influence to bring others into our camp. I know it may seem trivial, but one must consider the individual they are trying to reason with if he/she wants to make an impact.

Yes. I agree with most of the

Yes. I agree with most of the sentiment expressed by Kokesh in this video, but the vulgarity likely obstructs his message for many viewers. Adam, if you want to be influential with a larger audience, try to adopt a controlled release of radioactive verbiage instead of blowing your stack all at once. In other words, adopt a little self-control, a trait you should have learned well in the USMC. ;)

you don't have to

He's not trying to appeal to those who cannot stomach vulgarity. He's just being himself. Some people prefer this style as it feels more honest.



What happens to the left over

What happens to the left over campaign money? Does it just go into Benton's pocket? Someone fill me in. Please tell me it isn't just pocketed by the campaign staff.

Kokesh is a "TOOL"

Go watch his "orgasm video" on his YouTube channel.

I usually do not believe in banning a person, but he should be banned from any serious RP or Liberty discussion board -- he is self-destructive.

There is no-need to bash Doctor "No" to make your point or to garner more hits on your videos.

I do not believe in voting or lobbying (as a means to gain liberty) -- as means to push public conversation and debate? sure!! But not as a means to "earn" a free-society; it's not logical.

That being said I would NEVER confuse RP's attempts to educate with any serious attempt to "win" the presidential election -- I've been saying this since 2007; "he's not there to 'win' he's the to broaden the conversation" and in that regard "we" have been successful.

Ron Paul Has always said he's running to win...

And Adam doesn't "Bash" the good Dr. Adam has leveled criticisms, and as far as I'm concerned no man is above all criticism.

I think you need to qualify what "self-destructive" means, and why your declaration is worthy of silencing a voice of dissent... Try listening to people and appealing to us with some form of intellectual argument rather then labeling THEM (bashing?) and misrepresenting THEIR well thought argument.

Go watch his drug-induced orgasm video on his

YouTube page -- that should be enough.

Also -- his Nazy-Pope posters he used on a private webpage he was using to promote his "side-business" WHILE running for Santa Fe Senate seat.

How about "why" he got kicked off of RT -- of all places; that'd be like getting kicked off Alex Jones for being "too much" of a conspiracy-nut, hahahaha.

He did all of this while "benefiting" (his whole career made-by) a RP endorsement.

I don't "really" want him "banned" but he's close to earning one, if anyone is.

That makes him a role model -- that's why Doctor Paul "benched" him.

I call, all of that and more (not wanting to further enumerate), "self-destructive" -- when you had-it-all and through-it-all-away.

No HE DID not throw it away owing to a sense of integrity, come on.

He probably has sever PTSD and is also a history of bad-decision making.

I've counselled 1st Responders and Military Personnel through PTSD and he probably has minor PTSD issues that have gone un-treated.

His YouTube page shows him self-medicating and this is always dangerous; unless you are a research scientist and have colleagues co-monitoring you.

All I can say is,

look at how Bobby Kennedy ran his brother's campaign. THAT was the way for a relative to run a campaign. Could you EVER accuse Bobby of doublecrossing his brother? NEVER!

Adam is Losing it

I unsubcribed to him 2 months ago. He has been attacking Ron Paul and even went so far as to say people that donated need to hit Ron Paul up to give the money back. Adam took too many things too personal and is acting like a big baby.


If it's true that the campaign has $2.5 million left,

then I, for one, would love to get some of the money back that I donated. Where else is it going to go? I would like to have some of my money back to I can donate to real liberty candidates of my choice.

Ann in Florida


You won't believe what LibertyChat is reporting! Benton was fired and Ron Paul is upset with him. Read here for more details:


Death Threat by establishment

Death Threat by establishment on ron paul or family members is what killed the ron paul campaign. The only folks that self-imploded the ron paul campaign is the ron paul campaign. If i had to put a timeline on it. I would say somewhere around alaska,dakotas,NE,OK,CO,LA conventions.

obviously ron paul is not going to say it was death threats but make up other silly reasons.

The Ron Paul Campaign sank the ron paul campaign. They can say whatever they like, but i say death threats is why ron paul stopped playing the game during conventions.

The ron paul campaign ended the ron paul campaign and it can be proven in writing by the campaign itself through ron paul,benton and tate. In it to win it my ass, There was a IN IT TO WIN IT,until the establishment told them otherwise.

do not get me wrong i cannot judge someone's actions if their family is being threatened. Right around NE conventions the campaign's reaction or non reaction to flatout obvious corruption at state and national conventions just smells of outright corruption aka death threats against him or family. doesn't make sense how the rp campaign reacted to this corruption unless.

Ron Paul 2016

It was after Maine and

It was after Maine and Massachusetts.

It was the second time we had momentum and they started cheating big time. The first time was Iowa. Votes lost, etc, just so Ron Paul wouldn't win it "officially" until months later when it wouldn't do any good.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

RT is more American than the

RT is more American than the bankster whores that we call MsM here in America.

I dont like it, I don't want to do it, but I agree with Adam on just about all of it.

Ron Paul is a legend and always will be. I don't know how Jesse did it, wether it was with RP's nod or not... but they got to him somehow and firebombed his campaign in the end. Its not the end for us though, this sham will make us immortal and be the turning of the tide.

For you Christians out there, just keep in mind Judas didn't destroy Christ, he "made" Christ into what he would become. This tretchery will galvanise us, and having been done in front of the world, and the civil war it started in the GOP... its ours to take.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse I'm dissappointed.

I was really hoping you would represent Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. It was a perfect fit for you and your political philosophy.

See video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=78K9e...

Adam, don't blame Dr. Paul. He has a record that is irrefutable yet, we all make mistakes once in a while.

This is disgraceful to have on the front page

First off, Adam is an anarchist. So his motives are suspect in attacking Ron Paul and the movement(s) that don't share his philosophy. There's nothing wrong with having debates about policy--but Adam is making wild accusations and, as usual, making blanket statements as if he embodies the liberty movement.

But mainly, he states in the video, "Dr. Paul, this is why people can't trust you any more..."

That's when I turned it off. In a profanity laced video, to say in a condescending way to an elder statesman and fellow veteran--as if he's speaking to a child...words escape me--this is unacceptable. And this is on the front page of the Daily Paul?

Get a grip.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

reedr3v's picture

I agree. From the height of this site's

positive work for Liberty and Peace, honoring Dr. Paul as an inspiring mentor and example of virtue, we now have back-biting, negative elements on the front page, further splintering of the Liberty movement -- and gossipy superficial whiners who betray proven heroes of Liberty.

Gloating 'I told you so's' and finger pointing at imperfections are not worth the loss of idealism that once energized this movement.

Very Graceful, I should think . . on the front page

I didn't know that Adam had identified with anarchists. This is interesting, thanks. (I found a video where he said that.)

Btw, I disagree completely with your opinion that Adam shouldn't have his say or that this discussion shouldn't be anywhere the website owner wants it to be. Adam said some very interesting things. I'm glad he didn't dance . . .

My own political journey started from having no opinion whatsoever, to anti-tax Republicanism, to far right Rush Limbaugh Neoconism, then back to the constitution thanks to Dr Paul. I even voted for GW twice before I came back to my senses.

Years ago I thought of the two party left-right system as a false paradigm. The actual political spectrum spans from Totalitarianism on (say) the left, to Anarchy (then) on the right. I've always imagined the constitution as being somewhere in the center. Both political parties have been moving towards totalitarianism along different paths, for years. Friends (Born Again Christians actually) pushed me further towards totalitarianism than I was comfortable with. I was really happy to find a group of people pushing back, towards the constitution.

I'd imagine that if Adam has become disillusioned with a few people in the Ron Paul movement, he may be exploring, comparing his views with others. I haven't heard him say he'd throw out the constitution yet, so he's not far away from us - unless you can prove differently.

I don't understand the CFL banning him. It's no wonder he's disillusioned. A top down liberty organization is the exact opposite of this movement as I understand it.

Nothing new

It is similar to a desire of low-level co-workers whom you ignored during a meeting to find an opportunity to stab you in the back later.

Adam Kokesh pleaded Benton to arrange RP interview at Russian TV (RT, which employed Kokesh.) Benton, knowing association with a foreign media to be a bad PR, refused. When Kokesh complained to others, Benton mentioned that Kokesh behaved as a clown. Kokeah did not forget.

Tom Woods expected to be part of RP campaign, but was not invited. His employment at the PAC did not achieve much. Woods did not forget.

Don't think so.

Benton, knowing association with a foreign media to be a bad PR, refused.

Bad PR?

Lol. How is that bad PR?

Benton was saying NO to the pure Libertarians, those which were in complete harmony with RP, but not Bentonism.

Benton was meanwhile lying to RP about the likes of Woods, Adam, and probably Alex Jones.

RP HAD TO HAVE BEEN WARNED by somebody he trusted that Benton was doing questionable things (at best) but RP, to his eternal shame, did nothing. He STILL hasn't done anything. Complete silence. No public outreach to Woods, et al.

That speaks for itself.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Adam Kokesh goes after Dr. Paul with the F word?

Just who does Adam think he is? A great mastermind? Nope, not putting any stock into this guy who is definitely "not" the man I will be following. IMO he acts like a drug wasted flake and spews discord. How dare he disrespect “THE” man who has given the best years of his life for the cause of Liberty.

So what? Are you seven years

So what? Are you seven years old? Ron Paul deserves a lot worse than what Kokesh gave him.

The bottom line, he was either complicit with Benton or incompetent... Either way, we are owed a refund. Kokesh didn't get body slammed and arrested so Benton can eat caviar.

Nope 49

No, I am a 49 year old lady and I can tell the difference between the actions of a Principled Statesman and those of a foul-mouthed instigator. I choose the Principled Statesman.

You're Not "Owed" Anything

Nobody forced you to donate to the campaign and demanding some sort of refund is ridiculous.

Well... When you donated to

Well... When you donated to what you thought was a campaign that would fight all the way to Tampa and you got 3/4's of that maybe you are at the least owed an explanation.

6 months 7 days 2 hours

You have the choice to agree or disagree with what Adam says but I would love to see a comparrison of what you did along side of what Adam has done for the movement. Yes he has a program on RT. Did you think that CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox or CNN were going to give him a platform? I see nothing wrong with letting Adam speak his piece. It is a free country and he has the right to his own opinion. Censorship of anyones thoughts should be done by them not by others. That is free speech.

Yep, I'm the Newbie

Yes, that would be newbie me and my thoughts given here on this public forum are just as valid as those given by Mr. Kokesh. That is free speech. I do not compare my efforts to those of Mr. Kokesh. They are worlds apart.

C4L did what they did as Adam takes DMT and puts it on youtube.

They did it with out being forceful but in a voluntary fashion. They know how the MSN would use this to smear Dr. Paul and his supporters. If you've not watched the video it's an embarrassment.

They do not want to share a podium with him for the movement, that is their right.

I'd of thought Adam could work that out, its nothing personal just a disagreement in tactics. I like Adam think C4L's tactics are lacking but it's nothing personal.