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Analysis by Adam Kokesh: Jesse Benton Resigns From C4L

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I like Adam

This fellow represents the heart of the liberty movement as far as I can see. Organizing conservatives is like herding cats if we're doing it right.

There is room for everyone. The more ideas that are brought out, the better the result and sense of direction. I, for one, didn't know of the bitterness between Benton, the CFL and others until I listened to this video. This should be aired like dirty laundry.

Ron Paul has great ideas. I believe at heart, he's a kind and generous person. He's run for president 3 times now, which is a really difficult thing to do. He's done it for us and the country. Is he perfect? No, none of us are. Is he a great manager? I don't see that. He may be a good manager, using a hands off style which mimics the liberty movement in general. This leaves an opportunity for problems like the one that Rand and this Benton person have presented.

Trust is an unusual commodity. Sometimes it can be given freely. Other times it takes forever to earn. In all cases, it can be lost in a heartbeat. Ron Paul has my trust and always will. Rand, Benton, and the CFL had my trust but now will have to earn it back over the long haul - and presently are heading in the wrong direction to do that. Rand has moments of greatness, but endorsing Romney while his father was still in the game was too much.

o I won't support the CFL at all until this is aired. I checked their website and they don't list their President or Board of Directors anywhere I can find. There's something wrong with that IMHO. If they fired their president and installed Kokesh or Tom Woods in that position, I could trust them again.

o Rand won't see another nickel from me at this point since he's determined to campaign for Romney.

It's ok to disagree. It's healthy and a great indication the movement is well and alive.

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Not RP bashing, but honest critique

I think AK is right that Dr. Paul potentially betrays our trust without being transparent. He's right, Dr. Paul taught us too well to search out truth and to question authority. I don't think it is bashing or disrespectful as others here are saying.

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Why are the crazy mods of

Why are the crazy mods of this site putting a Ron Paul-hater on the front page of the Daily Paul?

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

What a troll. Ummm maybe

What a troll. Ummm maybe because this is a LIBERTY FORUM you turd.

Aren't we supposed to be against this?

"Why are the crazy mods of this site putting a Ron Paul-hater on the front page of the Daily Paul?"

Spoken like a true tyrant. I still think the best way to combat free speech is more speech.

If the CFL banned Kokesh from events, I want to know about it. Don't you?

Btw, I missed the whole "hater" part of the video. It's not there ...

This is nothing to do with

This is nothing to do with free speech. This is a private site. They selectively choose which posts are on the front page.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

What a brilliant retort. Is

What a brilliant retort. Is that your business model? Run a Liberty forum and then censor all the members speech because you paid $10 to godaddy for the URL?

Is that you Jesse?

Ron Paul hater? He's not a Ron Paul hater, wake up and listen.

Constructive criticism over strategy and running an open and visiable campaign are valid...

Learn the lesson from the Harry Browne campaigns which took money from Lprs and they got barely a TV ad.

Learn the lesson of AUDIT the fed, ... and apply it to CforL and the RP campaign itself.

The grassroots has a collective power and intelligence. Its a FEEDBACK LOOP. Its an intelligent system. And the better liberty campaigns of the future will MAKE SURE that they include this feature.

Say Adam runs a campaign for Senate. Lets see if he runs it openly, not top down. Donations come in, then choices are made by the grassroots as to what to spend it on, then they choose, then ADAM follows that direction. Say one million comes into the Adam for Senate campaign. It comes in with the TOOLS in place for the grassroots to direct its expenditure. Adam himself wants to fly to 5 major cities in New Mexico and debate the other two Senate Candidates. But say the grassroots says, in its collective wisdom, that its better to run these 2 TV & Radio ads ad nauseum over the New Mexico Airways...Adam would have to go along with that if he is running a BOTTOM UP campaign directed from the Grassroots.

THAT is what Adam is talking about when he says the RP campaign and CforL are really not BOTTOM UP directed from the grassroots. Sure they love what we do, and they accept it like a gift from us, but TAKE DIRECTION? No way.

And as far as the RP campaign goes, I think Jesse Benton did exactly what Ron Paul wanted.

And Ron Paul's decion back a long time ago to appologize for the "racist newsletters" --- like a lie that won't go away -- like toilet paper stuck to your shoe -- was the WRONG thing to do.

Ron Paul made back then the strategic decision to not fight the PC of race ... TNR won the PC battles and he was already the lone voice on so many other battles. Pick your battles as they say.

But the fact is, this was the Romney trump card that they threatened to BLOW UP ALL OVER THE MEDIA during the campaign.

It was astounding Ron Paul's complete in ability to deal with this issue, especially since he knew going into 2012 what happened in 2008. Liberty loving "friends" such as the gay boys over at Reason Mag and CATO where already 1980's sell outs to the Political Correctness movement. They had long since adapted vague PC notions of what is racist and what is not. Sean Hanity in 2012 gave the issue 3 hours of rhetorical questions like "How can one defend such horrible statements?" as if there was no way to do so. He had seen his son, the newbie senator Rand Paul get chewed up on Rachael Maddow by trying to suggest the 64 civil rights act was not perfect for it abridged private property rights and this causes problems down the line... yet BAM! Noone will here it, no one will listen to such nuances and instead, act as if they just lifted the hood off a clansman. Oh the horror! And then EVERYTHING you say after that is "suspect".

With few friends like that, fighting the PC that AMerica is now up to its eyeballs in, is a lost cause.

Ron Paul did the best he could with the cards he had.

Romney and company played the Racist Card and the Paul campaign did not go after Romney. Ron got to advance his message, and Romney never felt Paul's sting. Sure, Santorum and Newt felt it, but Romney got off untouched.

Benton should write a book one day. I am sure he did exactly what Ron Paul wanted.

And as far as the way the Ron Paul campaign shut down.... it went away like all campaigns do... BUT THE GRASSROOTS DID NOT. And that is the Goood Thing.

Invading the 2-party duopoly is the only way to go for now. As Ron Paul Republicans and as Jefferson Democrats. We should have fun doing it too. Getting access to their voter database of names is key. Then we begin by picking off liberty leaning voters that they did not know they had. We will soon speak the double-speak of Liberty inside each party. How will we know we have won? When a Jeffeson Democrat goes up against a Ron Paul Republican. That is victory. That is how Liberty wins. And that is how the War Party has been winning for 40 years, getting BOTH D vs R to be a PRO WAR candidate. War wins.

Well two can play that game.

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and you will get a sense of the intelligence that has yet to be tapped by any political campaign.

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With three pages of comments and 70 plus votes people must want to hear it. The real question is, why did you click on it?

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Some good points but why disrespect Dr. Paul?

I watched the whole video, and I did not appreciate the way Adam spoke about Dr. Paul. I think Adam doesn't fully understand who Dr. Paul is, or he would not have made some of the remarks he made about him.

This situation with Benton draws cunning similarity to Dr. Paul's newsletter issue that resurfaced during this campaign. Dr. Paul appears to place too much trust into his close associates. Is it because he only wanted to be the driver of ideas but didn't feel interested to be involved in the practical matters of his campaign or his publishing business? It's possible. It doesn't make him a bad person -- it just makes him a bad leading man. It makes him the great wise man who will dispense invaluable advice and guide policymaking but a bad chief executive (President). He's like a Professor in graduate school, where graduate students do all the practical work and must take care of all the operational details while the Professor is only an idea/direction driver. This is also why Dr. Paul has been reluctant to be President, but I digress.

What Adam implies about Dr. Paul is not healthy criticism -- it is disrespect, putting Dr. Paul in the same league as those who conspired to cheat him out of victory. Obviously, had Dr. Paul realized what was happening, he would have made changes. But again, I believe Dr. Paul simply misplaced his trust, and the result was a poorly managed Presidential Campaign that could have been so much more.

Now seeing Adam Kokesh and Tom Woods come out with their assessments of the Benton situation, I am led to ponder: why haven't they been vocal about it when it could have made a real difference?

It's called accountability.

It's called accountability. If you believe that the guy in charge gets a free pass, then why on earth wouldn't you just vote Obama?

RP pulled the plug with a big profit in 2008 and we had a full head of steam. In 2012, despite the best efforts to SELF SABOTAGE, RP was set to dominate at the convention and INEXPLICABLY pulls the plug, with a fat profit, right before the game was to start!

Anyone who defends these quitters are either idiots or republicans.

Sorry Adam, I stopped

Sorry Adam, I stopped watching at the point when you were specifically derogatory to Dr. Paul. You may or may not have valid arguments regarding Jesse Benton, but when you allow your hateful and angry demeanor to tread disrespect on Dr. Paul you 100% invalidate yourself in my book.

When you sit there and so arrogantly trash the campaign and become vile towards Dr. Paul, it makes one wonder if you, yourself, have sold out or if you are just psychotic.

I am all for freedom of speech for all people, including you, but that certainly does not mean I have to buy what you are selling. Frankly, I find you so vile and so filled with hatred and arrogance that I could never listen to you long enough to ever get to the consideration of buying what you are selling.

Rather than sitting there like some all knowing guru, why don't you actually do some good in the world instead of trying to tear down the good that Dr. Paul has done.

Shame on you.

nepotism is a bitch

nepotism is a bitch


knew from his long experience that CIA will break ANY man by planting drugs to his/her children. Campaign's funds will be stolen, policies screwed, opponents tipped off.

Nepotism was due to necessity rather than a favor.

And all of this...

...would make the loss of Kent Snyder an even greater tragedy.

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I agree. Adam has become a parody of

his earlier idealistic self. He tries to pass himself off as a wise spokesman for the Liberty movement, but he is a bitter fool to turn on the original inspiration of the grassroots. Ron Paul is a giant, Adam has proven himself very small minded, more concerned with his own status than the success of the movement -- which still needs a unified SPIRIT, not a unified tactical direction.

What opaqueness for Adam to imagine Dr. Paul could have been simultaneously a magnificent Rep in the House, Chairman of the Finance Committee taking on the freakin' Fed, the most powerful instrument of the elite in the world - AND campaigning brilliantly inspiring thousands all across the country -- AND being interviewed incessantly by a hostile media...

Adam in his shallow superiority ALSO claims RP SHOULD have run a perfect campaign and have been all-knowing of every campaign and organizing and communications detail that the people he trusted were responsible for? From the man who always says, "Do what you want to do." Remember? The man who expected each of us to step up and take responsibility for our own actions.

The biggest factor pausing the Liberty movement at this time is all of the finger pointing and replaying -- not to learn and grow and be stronger, but to diminish Ron Paul and his legacy just as so many have done with past giants such as Ayn Rand, Rothbard, even Mises. Small minds get stuck on imperfections and build careers on them.

I trust the Liberty movement will build on the spiritually strong shoulders of Dr. Paul and grow ever stronger.

Brought me back

I read every day, but haven't posted in years.

I came back to upvote and agree with you on this.

Kokesh has never been a leader in the movement, yet he acts as though he and only he knows the right way to lead it.

Did Ron Paul run the best campaign he could? No, but it's irrelevant. A Paul Presidency at this stage in history is not in the cards. Dr. Paul's last two runs for the presidency has spread the message like a wildfire and allowed millions of us to wake up and see the world for what is is.

I'm glad he ran, and I'm proud of every cent I contributed to the different organizations, even C4L.

-Campaign for Liberty-

First that Moore guy

and now this Benton fellow.

If this is not another reason to leave the GOP I do not know what is???


I've heard bad things about Benton since 2008.

However, Adam has articulated the "Benton problem" better than anyone else; and, I admire Adam's courage at laying the blame squarely where it belongs and that is Ron Paul. Ron has done many wonderful and courageous things. I just wish he would do one more and ask his supporters to abandon the write-in effort and support Gary Johnson. Certainly, I would prefer either Ron Paul or Judge Andrew Napolitano to GJ, but neither will be on the ballot in November.

I would listen MORE to you if you would just CUT the F words out

Adam. I mean it. It gets really old, and it's so unclassy. Keep the bar talk with your friends or off-air, please.

Other than that, I agreed with most of what you said, except it is very reaching to assume how much Dr. Paul knew. As I've said before, of all the people in this world, he is one of the most HONEST & HONORABLE men there is. Your words, although meant to be straightforward, were not tactful & assumed far too much regarding Dr. Paul.

My sense is that Ron Paul had real pressure on him from BENTON, TRYVGE, & yes, Doug Weade. Why else would Doug have defended Jesse Benton and give him the credit for the delegate state scheme? I protested that statement as not entirely truthful, since I was directly involved in the delegate idea from the get-go in 2007. The grassroots got involved at local levels on their own. Regardless, the fact he came rushing to his defense is somewhat telling, however, I don't know FOR A FACT what exactly was going on behind the scenes, and neither do you.

But, I will give Ron Paul a "pass" on his honor. He may have been weak in that he fell for the so-called tactical strategies they put on him. He may have not liked them, even expressed a dislike in doing them, but with THAT kind of pressure exerted by THREE MEN, well, you might have even buckled yourself. WE don't know. WE may never know everything. I can just hear ole Jesse saying to Ron, "Trust me, just trust me...", the worst mistake Ron Paul may have ever made~~~trusting Benton & his cohorts. But think how badly Ron feels for his beloved granddaughter in this situation. THINK how badly she feels, being married to someone who has such scorn from so many Americans, from us! It's a bad situation, no matter how you slice it now.

Yes, I'm out some money (many are), but not much, since I stopped giving when I sensed the campaign was retreating and Dr. Paul wasn't fighting enough against the Media and the GOP, whether enough verbally on TV, or even with my preferred choice of attack~~discrimination & election fraud lawsuits. Instead, we were all left floundering which wasn't fair. Tom Woods witnessed all this, and it must have been killing him to see it happen, and to know what was going on, just about as helpless a feeling one can have.

I feel where ur coming from but

Ron was either 1.) in charge of his team, knew what was going on, and approved it, or 2.) in charge of his team, was unaware of what was going on under his nose, and was somehow manipulated or deceived.

Whichever one you choose to believe, either way it's a failure of leadership.

Now the question is, am I talking about Ron Paul's leadership involvement with his 2012 campaign or am I talking about President Ron Reagan's leadership involvement in Iran-Contra?

If you think the pressures from campaign advisers is tough as a candidate, imagine how incredible the advisory pressures are that a President must endure?

Reagan went on national tv and owned up to it. As much as he did not want to believe it happened on his watch, it did, and the buck stops here - is pretty much what he said. Not his proudest moment I'm sure.


I have only become aware of you this year. I have wondered if somewhere or/and sometime the Ron Paul campaign ticked you off and you wanted revenge. But now that I look back at the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, I must say that you did warn us. However I believe that Ron Paul put his whole trust into Benton and Tate.

Ron was stab in the back just like his delegates and I hope that his granddaughter sees this and does a Bobbitt on Jessie.

I am one that gave till it hurt to his campaign just to watch Jessie take it and waste it. I am done! But,,I still trust Ron Paul. When I needed help, back in 1983, Ron was the only congressman who came to my aid. Ron saved my home and my family. And for that I will always be indebted to him and only him. C4L and the rest of his back stabbing S O B's may take a hike.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Do a DP search on "Benton" -Kokesh did not "warn" us, we were

watching Benton long ago. Read the threads on Benton from many years ago.

The point is that Kokesh deserves no special credit for seeing something no one else/few saw. That is not the case and a false history.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in


Hey check it out. Me, vouching for you. Me, agreeing with you. Wow. There must be a rare planetary alignment or something. lol

Free thought is a

beautiful thing.


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Really? You were watching

Really? You were watching long ago? Great job! Did you watch him sell us out? Did you watch him meet with Romney? Did you watch him call us extremists?

Who would come out and admit they were "watching" this traitor and knew all about it long ago, yet did nothing? Another traitor perhaps?



"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Ron was directing it

He threw Benton under the bus. Benton takes all the blame, Ron comes out smelling like a rose.

Think about it. You don't stay in politics for 30 years or whatever without developing political skill like that.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Re: Ron . . threw Benton under the bus . . .

Do you have proof? You do actually sound like Ron Paul "hater" here.

I actually hope Ron Paul did fire Benton. He needed to go. So do others in the CFL.

I also hope Ron makes Rand sit at the "little people" table during the holidays for what he's done. :-)

We all had such great hope for Rand. He only had to show up to inherit his fathers political machine. It seems he didn't see the value in it. Perhaps he'll figure it out before it's too late.

I am as yet far from certain but AK set off alarm bells w/ me

from the moment his PR team foisted him into the LIBERTY movement consciousness.

Adam has always tended toward side show stunts that draw attention to Adam. More than kind of attention wh__eish. I can't shake the sense that the primary motivation for Adam is Adam and that he has angled from the beginning to be a/the Movement "Leader". I think leaders should be avoided or at least chosen with great care. The downside risk of leaders is greater than their upside benefit. Look at history. What percentage of leaders were a long term benefit to the led than the percentage that were a long term detriment?

I have had a nagging feeling that he could be a controlled opposition agent. Not certain by any stretch but one must be careful of such things. I posted some background info on both Adam and his father that was also concerning but it received little notice.

With RP, I have a man with a very long, very well detailed paper trail, of a near perfect and near perfectly wise patriot whose "style" for advancing LIBERTY is one that can fly with a very broad range of humans.

With Adam, I have a man with a still very thin, not very detailed paper trail, that is sketchy and not marked by wisdom. The Adam "style" of advancing LIBERTY is less broad in appeal and less sober, statesman like-putting it mildly.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in