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Debbie Wasserman Schultz–Democratic Disaster

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.W.S) is part of a new breed of American politician– the professional politician. Gone are the days of the Founding Fathers, in which citizens took time away from productive careers in order to volunteer to serve their fellow man. In their place are these new professional politicians who come to Washington in pursuit of careers that will provide paychecks, power, and preferential treatment. Never having held real jobs or served in the military, these professional politicians spend other people’s money as if it has no value, and recklessly support foreign wars which benefit their friends in the military industrial complex. These professional politicians go from one talking point to another without ever having said a word of substance. They lie through their teeth to get into positions of power so they can serve the special interest groups that funded their campaigns. This new breed of politician has no ideological consistency, only political expediency. Political positions are interchanged in a split-second based on the popularity of the moment. These new leaders get ahead not because of any great contribution to society, or the defense of civil liberties, but rather because of an ability to tap into pockets of wealthy fundraisers to secure financing for their political parties.

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...deleted post. Too mean.


Is a bag of doorknobs. I see her on Chris Matthews occasionally, and she has a hard time stringing a couple of coherent sentences together.

She has a vacant stare that is just mind-numbing to even look at.

LOL, I don't think even Chris likes her.

She makes Howard Dean look like a rocket scientist in comparison.

I'd just soon choke on

cat crap as too having even to look at Sgt. Schultzey