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Ignore the phony laws of the Boards of Elections: Write-In Ron Paul (TX, AK, NM, OK, NC, SC, IN, IL, and more)

The laws regarding write-in votes are a farce. They are entirely unconstitutional. Why should any of us abide by such phony laws, which violate our inalienable and God-given rights? Bottom line: what right do they have to say they won't count our votes, no matter how we demand that they be counted?

After spending nearly an hour speaking to various agents at the Boards of Election a simple conclusion can be made. As a rule so-called civil servants work not for the people but instead for the forces of darkness. Many of these individuals have no real interest in the cause of liberty. In other words, they are not interested preserving our rights and freedoms but in contrast are helping preserve the realm of tyranny, working for the Dow Jones Industrial, the CFR, the military-industrial complex, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, and more. This is bizarre beyond comprehension.

Workers might be cordial, but they are also often condescending and even rude. They may even be patronizing. Some may be outright hostile.

Look at what has happened to this country? Our votes are put in charge of people orchestrating secret computerized vote counting, with are never accountable and offer no transparency; our money is in the hands of bankers, who are beyond accountability; our wealth is taken over by a private corporation, the Federal Reserve, domiciled offshore; our earnings and future earnings are purged by a secretive taxation entity, the so-called IRS, also held offshore.

Moreover, our laws are made by people who are not here to protect us but, rather, are finding ways to undermine us, because they regard us as the enemy. Yet, supposedly, we put these people in power through our votes. So too the write-in laws were established not because of any legitimacy but, rather, to prevent the people from regaining their rights.

Regarding these write-in ‘laws’ I asked one clerk, “How come you don’t make public these laws? These are surely not constitutional and they are not of benefit to the people.” The responses were either dead silence or,“Well, that’s the way it is,” or “if he didn’t file, the votes WON”T be counted, or a hang-up. After talking to the members in Indiana, Michigan, and Indiana, the only conclusion is that the whole system is run by a pack of crooks, thieves, and hooligans.

Who needs these usurpers? We’ll count our own votes. No matter what they say get your absentee ballot, write-in Ron Paul, and fire it in. Then, upload, scan, or fax the ballot to WriteInRon2012. Then, send them an affidavit, also found on the Website, as court-certifiable proof of your vote. By refusing to comply with your desires, by rejecting to count your constitutionally mandated vote, the Board is committed a high crime.

Let’s as one massive body protest hard. You fill out petitions and file every manner of complaint. This is our greatest complaint and protest ever, our most powerful petition: that we will not stand any longer for your crooked system, where you cheated us out of the presidency.

Good riddance, all you phony Boards of Election, you who work not for us but for our enemies. We’ll take destiny into our own hands. We’ll count our votes, while making sure you don’t cheat us any longer.

The states no longer represent the people. Ron Paul has been warning us about this. So, let’s send them our own warning. Let’s put them on notice. Let’s bombard them with absentee ballots, where we write in only Ron Paul.

For some of us that won’t be enough. We’ll fill in a notarized affidavit and also send that in. The states which at this time are refusing to count write-in ballots are:

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

So, all you Ron Paulers in these states never relent. Assert your constitutional right to vote. It is the board which is usurper that right. Never stand for it. Do the right thing. WriteInRonPaul2012.

Simple 5 Step Process to Assert Your Constitutional Rights

• Get an absentee ballot request form. Fill it out online or on paper.
• write-in Ron Paul and make 3 copies
• scan, fax, upload, or mail the copy to www.WriteInRon2012.com
• after mailing, fill out the affidavit on the FORMS button; get this notarized
• make 3 copies, and mail one to the Board, while retaining the original, sending this (or a copy) to WriteInRon2012.com

Flood them with your ballots until the float in a sea of liberty. However, be sure to complete this project by uploading or scanning your data so these votes will be counted. We'll take our millions of votes and forge them ahead from one revolution to the next.

They've put us down one time too many. We're not going to take it anymore.

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Here's a couple of ideas I have ...

I would love to write-in Dr. Paul's name in November but I live in South Carolina, one of the states that does not permit such votes for President. Here are two ways I thought of to publicly cast my 'vote' even if it won't be tallied:

1. When I go to the polling place to maybe, possibly vote for Gary Johnson, I will be wearing my Ron Paul shirt wide open for all to see. This wouldn't be possible if Ron was on the ballot because it would be considered electioneering which is not allowed at polling places. How could they possibly tell me I can't wear it if he isn't a candidate? Same thing as wearing a Joe Montana jersey, right?

2. I am going to write a letter to the editor of The State newspaper publicly stating my choice for President is Ron Paul and that I am being disenfranchized by not being permitted to make a write-in vote. If a few hundred or more South Carolinian supporters would make a concerted effort to swamp The State with letters to arrive at the end of October/first of November, I'm sure some of them at least would be published.

I know that my talented, imaginative fellow DP'ers can think of dozens of ways to publicly 'vote' for RP. Not as satisfying as the real thing but it can be done proudly nevertheless. I'll admit I'm bummed.

They are unconstitutional; you are constitutional

Hit them in the face with your notarized affidavit; send it to these usurpers after you vote. We've only begun to fight. Your hundreds will not make them happy.



“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Give it up

The campaign is over.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

that's right accept your servitude and your chains

and be happy to be a slave.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Much better to vote for an ACTUAL REAL EXISTING COUNTABLE

candidate like GARY JOHNSON so that OTHERS can see and say "See... these people are interested in Liberty."

Otherwise you are simply patting yourself on the back in the dark.

Not only this it makes sense if Richard Gilbert is suing to have

write-in votes counted in all states, and he wins. Vote on the assumption he will, you'll feel terrible if he does and they have to count the votes and you didn't write him in.

Gilbert lawsuit, write-ins:


Release the Sandy Hook video.