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Woodward and Bernstein

This post isn't about Woodward and Bernstein (I'll explain below) but rather about Russ Baker, an author who wrote a book called "Family Of Secrets" about the Bush dynasty in America. For 20 out of 28 years the Bush family held the role of either President or Vice President of the United States:

Jan 1981 through Jan 1989 (8 years):
President: Ronald Reagan
Vice President: ***George H.W. Bush***

Jan 1989 through Jan 1993 (4 years):
President: ***George H.W. Bush***
Vice President: Dan Quayle

Jan 2001 through Jan 2009 (8 years):
President: ***George W Bush***
Vice President: Dick Cheney

The back story behind why this book was written was when Russ Baker was on assignment to teach journalists in Yugoslavian how to question their government. When confronted w/ the question of how well he knew his own country, he then started wondering how people get into power in the first place. Dubya was president at the time so he was the natural choice to research. But he realized that you couldn't understand Dubya without understanding George H.W. as well. Eventually it led to him up another link in the family lineage to Prescott Bush. Anyway, it really is a fascinating read.

Check out Dan Rather's book review:

"A tour de force….Family of Secrets has made me rethink even those events I witnessed with my own eyes".

Now the point I'm ultimately leading to is that
A) Russ Baker is a fantastic writer
B) At the 6 minute 34 second mark of the video below, Russ Baker makes a promise that once his (non-profit) website (that doesn't take donations from corporate sponsors) gets enough donations, he pledges to do an investigation into 9/11.


Note that I don't work for this website, nor do I stand to gain any money whatsoever by posting this. I just think this is a writer who is well-worth the attention of anyone who wants more details into some of the types of things that Ron Paul talks about (though on different subjects).

If you're interested, the link below is from part 4 of a conference called "Treason in America". I would suggest listen to all 4 parts (for a total of around 40 minutes) and decide what you think. Just to let you know, if you find his work interesting, you can easily find other really good interviews where he discusses Family Of Secrets.