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MT - Johnson at Seven Percent, Other LP Candidates Higher - New Poll

New PPP poll has Romney leading Obama by three points, Johnson at 7%
(looks like few people know about him - about 80% had no favorable/unfavorable opinion)

for Senate - Tester (D) ahead of Rehberg (R) by a couple points LP candidate Dan Cox at 8%

for House - Daines (R) leads Gillan (D) by 3%, LP candidate Dave Kaiser at 9% (15% undecided)


Good job, MT - hopefully some or all these folks will break 10% and help break
the Demopublican monopoly!

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Although I don't like Tester,

Although I don't like Tester, I absolutely DESPISE Rehberg, a Democrat in Republican clothing. I so BADLY want Rehberg's retirement that I'm tempted to vote for Tester. We can rid ourselves of Tester and Baucus later.

I'll wait just until the election before deciding my course of action. Lacking a viable candidate for any given race, * my aim will be to help create a politically divided federal, state, or local government. If Romney looks like he'll win the POTUS, then I'd much prefer Tester over Rehberg in the US Senate. If Obama looks like he'll win the POTUS, then I'll probably abstain from voting for Rehberg and let the chips fall where they will.

* Since I'm NOT a Libertarian, I evaluate very carefully each Libertarian candidate's views on issues and determine if my vote for them accomplishes a larger purpose since most Libertarian candidates won't be elected.

What's so bad about Rehberg?

What's so bad about Rehberg? He's in the congressional liberty caucus and he voted against NDAA.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Best outcome in the MT Senate Race

(realistically) might be the Libertarian getting into double digits,
Tester squeaking out a win and Rehberg getting retired to lobby
for rich, greedy and wealthy corporations...

I don't really know the Montana LP candidates, but agree about
paying attention to the candidates themselves and the overall
strategic situation (voting for Bob Barr was a good reality check
in that department..)

BTW - I hope you will have contacted Tester about Audit the Fed
(S. 202) as he is on the committee (Housing, Banking and Urban Affairs)
that it has to clear to have any possibility of getting to a vote
before the full Senate.

I suppose you can always say that unless he gets on board
supporting this that you *might* have to vote for one of his opponents
since both of them have already endorsed it.