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Suffering from withdrAUL

Like many of you, I am suffering from withdrAUL...I misspelled it on purpose, as I am sure you all were aware.

I don't know, I have been trying to tell myself that I am moving on from this election and focusing on the future of liberty. However, I can't help but feeling like everything ended so abruptly. The rEVOLution has grown quiet, even though I know the cause marches on.

And HOW it ended gets me feeling like Ron Paul should take Gary Johnson and unite independents and libertarians/constitutionalists and form an alliance that could make the debates. I've been around since Kent Snyder first responded to an e-mail I sent, and I just feel like the way the GOP convention was handled, Jesse Benton...it just is all wrong, depressing, and Johnson doesn't have the numbers to even debate yet. Paul would.

Any thoughts? Is there any chance Ron Paul's plugging along could be saying for the sake of the country, I'll fight one more time? Maybe it's again just me going through withdrAUL symptoms, but I can't let it go. Can you imagine the superbowl parties that groups would be having just to watch the exciting debates?!?!

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