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The only way we will win this is by becoming delegates starting at the precinct level. To become a delegate there you must attend the precinct convention immediately following the closing of the poll and know who your fellow RP supporters are!

In the past, some precincts have been very active, but others have only 1 or 2 people show up. All we need to do is go into the precinct convention with the majority and then elect ourselves in as delegates to the county convention, etc. For example, say your precinct gets 4 delegates to the county convention, if at the precinct convention 4 other people show up, besides you and your fellow RP supporters, if you show up with at least 5, you can get all 4 delegates. In fact this is what we must do or strive to do in each precinct. If you show up with 4 or less, it is still possible to get some RP delegates elected, but also possible that the other 4 will elect themselves in to all 4.

The point is coordination is the key. We must know each other's faces, and make a plan to vote for our group and in which order. The only way to do this is by meeting (at least once) and identifying each other. I understand that some people don't think they have time for door-to-door canvassing and attending meetings, BUT IF YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE, please at least contact the organizer of your local RP meet-up group and let them know that although you don't want to join the meetup, that you are a definite RP voter and give them your name, address, and phone number so that they can at least coordinate with you on the precinct convention. IT"S ONLY AN HOUR OR TWO out of your life to attend the convention and it's THE ONLY WAY TO WIN. This applies to Texas and many other states. Thanks for reading...I posted this because I know many people are unaware, even people in meetups

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Getting in with them is a must. Town and city and county orgs are small but well-connected. They will be having expos, dinners, breakfasts, and meetings. Dress well and bring some literature and stickers to each meeting and plan to say a little blurb for your candidate. Believe me, the others will all be there!

Just do a search for your town, city or county GOP or Repubican 'Committee'.

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Get involved in the GOP county meetings right away

Or appoint someone in your county to show up and relay information to all the rest of the RP supporters in your group.

our county coordinator goes to the meetings and hobnobs with the GOP people and they are helping us to get organized. They do try to offer up some disinformation i.e. vote for romney etc.. but are getting use to our presence there.

Each county has different bylaws and processes and they can change them and do change those.. so it is a matter of "being part of the GOP" in your area and being involved... or rather than county some do it by town/city etc.

After we all do this 1 time we will be professionals at it and be doing caucuses and primaries for the rest of our lives and teach our children to do it also so we can have Liberty!

We all need to step over the threshold, learn the process and run the system in a paulian fashion.

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Tennessee is covered

Ron Paul has his full slate of delegates for Tennessee. He is the only candidate that got all the required delegates plus many backups. Rudy has 0 delegates... so he is outta luck.


If you have a caucus, that's

If you have a caucus, that's the precint convention. It's much easier. I'm from Iowa and easily became a delegate. So caucus state voters, just stay at your caucus for the whole time.

You must attend the precinct

You must attend the precinct convention... Can anyone attend just by showing up? Any ideas on who to contact to find out info on where our local ones would be?

in Texas

anyone who votes in their Republican primary is eligible to attend their precinct convention. 95% of the time, the convention is held at the same place you vote and you must be there promptly when the poll closes. 7 pm for me. I will be early though. When you go to vote, ask the poll worker that checks you in where it will be (it is actually, by law, supposed to be clearly posted at the polling location too). It is crucial to attend to make sure you become a delegate. Where are you, maybe I can help you get in touch with the right person?

Lexington, SC

I volunteered to watch the polls - I guess I should be able to find out while there, huh?


You call your Mayor's office and ask them about who the Chairman is for the GOP. They may send you to the county clerk office, or they may know. Then you call the guy and tell him that you want to join the Republican committee and try to be a delegate. He will tell you when the next meeting is, and what you have to do to apply to be a delegate, or whatever. Here I have to get an application and pay $10, and I do not know what happens after that, yet.

Before you do that...

I would get in touch with a local RP meetup group for more guidance. The local GOP may not be so friendly. I know here we are having to go about this somewhat surreptitiously to make sure we get the delegates instead of saying "hey, we're a bunch of Ron Paul supporters here that want to come into the precinct conventions and win all the delegates" LOL, but no seriously.

Oh, I Hear You

As far as THEY will know I'm a Huckabilly guy.

Thank You

I will try here in SC


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Colorado Pre Caucus

Great Idea. I think we organizers should host a pre caucus some time in the week before our precinct caucus. That way we will know who we have coming to the actual caucus so we can capture Colorado for Ron Paul precinct by precinct. This is actually a the best way to get Ron Paul as the nominee from Colorado because so few people traditionally show up for the caucuses.



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:-) If everyone already knows this I'll let it die..

It is important.

We are doing this very thing with our meetup. Our town is not all that big, so we can coordinate easily. It just takes some motivated supporters in a meetup to get the ball rolling! Get 'er done!

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." - Romans 12:18

Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

Nothing to it but to do it!!!

This article should be standard reading for dr. paul's supporters! I just got in contact with a group in my area in St. Louis, MO, I'm getting off my blogging butt and I'm gonna help spread the word and expand the revolution. It's latest thing man, everybody's doing it.

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Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Are these the rules in Texas?

I am pretty sure its more difficult to become a delegate here in AZ. Anyone know?

Of course,

in Tennessee we had to go through some major rigamarole with petitions and everything. However, we have only about 2-3 fewer delegates in the state than does Fred Thompson, who has the most, which means we're in second place in the state for delegates, as of my understanding.

Point being, you are right, we have to GET OUT THERE.

You have that backwards

Ron Paul has a full slate of delegates in Tennessee plus extras. Fred Thompson is lacking. Ron Paul is the only candidate that has a full slate here in TN actually.


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