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If you thought Luke Rudkowski was bold...

...well he is. But so is the guy at the 1 minute mark of this video, who storms into an inquiry of Tony Blair and calls him a war criminal. It's a pretty wild scene...


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Oh yeah, that makes a lot of

Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Lets investigate to see how this fellow gained access to the room, not to see if his allegations are true or not!!!!! Governments are like Las Vegas…it is crooked and the house always wins.

Larry in North Carolina
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Its not surprising, but it is

Its not surprising, but it is funny how the possibility of being a war criminal is trumped by calling for an investigation about how someone got in a room. For all we know someone probably let him in on purpose.

Bold indeed. Funny how they

Bold indeed. Funny how they were concerned about how he accessed the room rather than Blair being a war criminal.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Was my thought too.

That ...

I wonder what happened to that guy?

maybe he disappeared . .

I have a feeling

He'll be back