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Ron Paul 2016

Who is better? Jesse V.? Rand? T. Woods? Who? I'm open to suggestions. I understand that mistakes were made in the campaign, but the economic crisis still exists. Ron Paul's ideas cannot prevail until the crisis occurs and that triumph will only happen if the people are educated in the philosophy of liberty.

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Ron Paul

The Good Dr. Paul still has 2 more good runs in him..and probably more! Dr. Paul even "Joked" about 2016 on National...International...TV...on Leno saying he couldnt run 3rd party in 2012 because he "had to get ready for 2016 !".

Clearly The Man has thoughts of running again..and this time with the Organic grass roots hes grown throughout the Nation (and the world) he will be a force to be feared by the Forbes 500...."Globalism and War Uber alles"...Gang.

when the real economic crisis hits

Ron Paul will be there to say 'I told you so'

Ron Paul, 2016

The guy is made out of rubber. Looking forward to it.