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hypothetical - Gary Johnson hands the election to Romney

Establishment Media Meme - "Johnson takes enough votes away from Obama to hand the election to Romney" leading to War with Iran (WWIII), Police State triumph, economic disaster, dollar crash . . you get the picture. But I'm sure Romney would never do that, would he? He's better than Obama right? bullshit. I know very well that Obama is a POS but I don't like the idea that the GJ craze might be used as an excuse to put Romney in power. Just a hypothetical.

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The division is in the republican party

To think that GJ is able to take votes from Obama to “Give” the election to Romney is absurd.. The democrat party is going to vote for Obama, they like Obama they think he has done a great job. And really he has(In their eyes). They want socialism, and more government, and distributed wealth, free health care, and such.. He had done all these things.. we view him as a bad president because we all know this is not what our country is suppose to be like.. there are more republicans that are not happy with Romney, all of them didn’t want Romney he was never anyone’s first choice. It is just what they are stuck with.. GJ will take more votes away from Romney..


The Democrats mostly all like Obama, the Republicans dislike Mitt (but half will vote for him anyway), and Independents don't like either. In any case, this fake re-election is winding to a close even though we still have a couple months, technically.

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I agree

The polls show Romney SOO far below Obama.. It is done already.. I think the biggest issue to come out of this election is the percentage of people who will vote for a 3rd party if it be GJ or any others..