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Posing before the WTC destruction: PHOTOS



What is wrong with theses people.
Why are they so happy?
Who are they.
such joy.
lets posed together in front of it.

so the story of the dancing Israelies is not at all far fetched.

reminds me of Rahm Immauel saying that no tragedy should be left without taken advantage of.(or something like that)

reminds me of the Project for the New American Century.

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I think its photoshop

no one is looking at the smoke! everyone is looking to the left. The burning building it to their right. I mean their bodies aren't even facing the right way.

I think your right!

And in most likely reality, they would all be on the phone. I was at home and it was on t.v. and I was probably on the phone for the good part of the day...in shock and disbelief like most everyone. There is no "normal" human behavior in that photograph if it were real.

The story of the dancing Israelis

is not far-fetched at all. If you don't know the story, read about it here. The story has been exhaustively documented.

It is simply too incredible to believe. If you know the story, you will have NO doubt whatsoever that the Israeli Mossad knew in advance that the Twin Towers would be struck by planes (and demolished?) And you should start to wonder if Urban Movers, with access to the WTC, might have had a hand in planting the explosives that brought down the towers. That white van the Israelis were driving DID set a bomb-sniffing dog to barking.

And you may wonder why Judge Michael Chertoff personally arranged for the release of the 5 Israeli spies to go back to Israel, despite their failing lie detector tests about the attack . . . the same Michael Chertoff whose influence peddling gave us the airport nude body-scanners.

And you may wonder about the rest of the story.

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Much bizarre. Was this for real ?

Much bizarre. Was this for real ?

Awful taste if it was.

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Yes, disturbing.

Either Israeli or newly weds. Here are the celebrators on Faux...