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Why I Will Vote For Gary Johnson

As I go over the numerours articles posted daily, one theme emerges. Most people are not willing to let go of Ron Paul. Give him up please, its truly time to move onward and upward. Of course Ron did all he could do. He gave his time and his total commitment to the race and in the end came up short of becoming the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. There are numerous reasons why he was unable to secure the nomination but I want to focus on what we need to do now that we know Ron Paul isnt coming back. And believe me, he isnt!

Our movement has an opportunity to take on Gary Johnson. Is he a better candidate than Ron Paul? Of course not, but remember it was NEVER about Ron Paul, it was always about US and it still is brothers and sisters. I dont need to go into detail about what this movement is all about you all already know exactly what we want out of our political leaders and Ron epitomized that ideal, however we can change Gary Johnson and move him much closer to our side.

By supporting him and giving all the energy, time, creativity, money and most importantly passion to a 3RD PARTY candidate that we gave to Ron Paul, we can still have a HUGE impact on this election. Searching for someone better at this point or waiting 4 years for Rand Paul to run for the Whitehouse is a WASTE of time! WE have built an army of over 2,000,000 strong and if we are ready to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and focus on the race for the Whitehouse we may be able to wake up another 2,000,000 plus come election day.

No matter how you cut it, we need our numbers to grow and Gary Johnson offers us a vessel to project our voices to the power elite and jam it down their throat that we are growing and morphing into something that they simply cannot contain no matter how hard they try.

Remember patriots, it was never about Ron Paul and although Gary Johnson is far from perfect we can transform his platform and take control of a viable 3rd party and build up our numbers as we work toward taking the power that is ours back! Dont let this election slip away, there is time but we need to get on the Gary Johnson bandwagon and make it ours!

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I might vote for him

But as far as lifting a finger to help him campaign, probably not. They didn't do a damn thing to help us this year.

Are you involved in the Republican party?

First off. Did you become a committeeman/precinct leader?

I have followed the C4L/RP strategy. I have made inroads and have exposed GOP integrity along the way, locally.

Continuing to follow proper procedures for RP (a Republican) write-ins, helps strategically in my area. I have my reasons. Check out my website below and see if you understand the influence my area is getting. Please explain your strategy that you are performing via the RP 'getting involve in the political process strategy'?

Those folks that consider RP write-ins as blather, should reveal if they are working the party per RP strategy. If not, do what you want.

It is difficult to respect those who are not busting their butt doing "by the people" but putting their effort into commenting on those who are.


morning bump

Thank you.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

It will also help for future campaigns

I may still write in RP but voting for Gary Johnson in Pennsylvania or other states should help with petition signatures for future LP candidates. Your vote also keeps a political party in a minor or major party status for what it's worth. I'm as frustrated as everyone else but the movement won't go away - the idea has come, thank you Dr. Paul.

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Thank you! I love to read the thoughts of someone who

projects good old common sense! Thank you!!!!

The Winds of Change!