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Let's stop the Ron Paul write in campaign and work on something more powerful

I still see people all over dailypaul.com and Ronpaulforums.com and other places trying to find ways to have Ron Paul to be a write in candidate for there state. Now as we all know most states do not count write in votes for anyone, except like 7 states (AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE). I know there is a lawsuit coming out now to allow write ins to count in all 50 states for who ever you want and have it counted. See even if the lawsuit were to pass and Ron Paul somehow won do you really think he would accept. Ron Paul is done for this election cycle. In 2008 Ron Paul told one state to please take his name off the ballot. So why keep on working on something that will never work out in the end. We should use this passion on something more powerful. A way to say to the GOP you screw with us we screw with you.

First off there will NEVER be another Ron Paul person in the government. no one can come close to how perfect Ron Paul's voting record is and how he is the perfect person for the liberty movement. Like I said no one is or will ever be Ron Paul. Now there are people that come somewhat close to him like Kerry Bentivolio,Kurt Bills,Thomas Massie,Chris Hightower. So these people are not perfect like we want them to be, but we still support them. We still donate money for there campaign. So why are we all so scared to support someone like Gary Johnson.

Now I understand that Gary Johnson has some things we all might not like, but he is on the ballot in 49 states right now. Gary Johnson is a liberty minded type person and like I said before. There will never be another Ron Paul type person. Gary Johnson said he takes a lot of ideas from Ron Paul. Gary Johnson likes Ron Paul and Gary Johnson is a whole lot better then Obama and Romney. We should be using are energy to get him into the debates to show people that first the two party system is not working. Second to show that Obama and Romney are the same people. Getting a third party person into a debate would be tremendous. Only other none Gop or Dem into a debate in the last 30 years was Ross Perot back in 1992. See back in 1992 we did not have the same problems we have today. Getting Gary Johnson (Liberty minded person) in a debate to wake up America on thing Obama and Romney would never say would be huge. Just take a moment to think about it!!!!!!

So in conclusion we should forget all this "lets do whatever to get Ron Paul a write in candidate". Then work to get Gary Johnson 15 percent support for him to be on the debate. That way we can shove it in the face of the GOP for what they did to Ron Paul and to keep the movement growing.

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You GJ supporters are as bad

You GJ supporters are as bad as the neocons insisting that we all vote for Romney because we have to send a message and defeat Obama. When they told us that we all screamed that we were going to vote for the best man for the job rather than unite behind someone whom we didn't believe in. I don't like GJ as a candidate and will not compromise just because you all now insist that GJ is the message we need to send. My message is that only Ron Paul is fit for the job. You send your message and I'll send mine.

Blessings )o(

I've said it before, and I'll say it again

Gary Johnson is not my candidate; he fails to be the candidate for a very large portion of us. Seeing others who are going to vote for him just because "he has ballot access" makes me as sick as the Republicans who've voted for the establishment candidates over and over again just because "we need to defeat the evil communist."

Ron Paul 2016

I have written in Ron Paul for the last 4 presidential elections

I will quit when they pry the #2 pencil from my cold dead hand.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

You have an error.

Write-ins will count in New York state with proper documentation. Read the election laws and contact the NYBOE.

Ron Paul has to file to be a

Ron Paul has to file to be a write in candidate in some states. I do not know the law in full detail of write ins in all states but I assure you it will not count.

Now listen people I am one that would vote for Ron Paul in a second if he was a write in candidate. I love Ron Paul way over Gary Johnson, but my point is we can not keep writing his name in every single election. We need to start working together and one big unit and find one person we work with. That is why people like me want everyone to vote Gary Johnson. See the GOP are protesting his ballot access in a few states like PA (were I live). They do not want him on the ballot since they think he will take votes away from them. So why would it not be in are best interest if he is in your state to vote for him. The GOP do not want him in the race so it would make sense to throw it back into their face. Boost him up and tell they go F your self. If you vote Ron Paul no one will see it so it will act as if you did not vote rather then someone getting your vote.