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Gary Johnson expected to draw more than five million votes in November

Two-term New Mexico Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is on target to exceed five million votes in the November 6, 2012 general election against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. With an estimated 90 to 120 million expected total votes cast in the presidential race, Johnson could easily garner over 5% of the vote. If this happens, then it would be the first in Libertarian Party history and would dramatically assist future candidates to get on the ballots across America as it frees up better ballot access.

So how does the math work out to Johnson achieving such a feat never before accomplished?

Online poker players are estimated to be approximately three million Americans even though it is illegal in the United States and there are another 60 million highly sympathetic legal American poker players who would like to see a return to legal online gambling. This can easily bring Johnson three to four million votes in just this one category as he is the only one of the three candidates seeking to legalize online poker.

Marijuana users in America are estimated to be between 10 to 13 million regular users with at least 23 million Americans using occasionally who would like to see the plant legal to ingest, grow or at least be able to purchase for medical purposes. Over fifty percent of Americans would like to see marijuana legalized federally and/or be under legalized state regulation which translates to over 150 million Americans. If most of these people voted, which many will not, and if the mainstream media did a quality job informing the general public of the each candidate's stance on the issue, Johnson would garner at least 50 million votes.


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More pie in the sky non-sense

More pie in the sky non-sense from Canada. Johnson will not even top Bob Barr's vote total from 4 years ago.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I wouldn't doubt...

...the reality of him getting a ton of votes. But my issue is the rigging! I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 and the long ticker tape that comes out said "defective ballot" when it came out after sliding mine in. It's set for the best elite puppet to win. Sad.

Over 5 million votes probably will be cast for Gary

The problem is the Diebold machines. The final tally never matches the exit polls. As someone else on DP said, voting is a game for saps.


Maybe Gary Johnson will cut significantly into Obama's youth vote. Johnson could be a potential blessing to Romney.

he grabs votes from both sides

about evenly.

Anyways Romney coming in 3rd place will be sweet.


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History. Remember your history.

Every time a POTUS election nears there are stories like this and even polls that show a 5-10% showing for the libertarian candidate. Then people get in the voting booth and the MSM induced fear of the super evil democrat or republican (depending on the individuals leanings) takes effect and once again the libertarian candidate gets the traditional 1% and it's not going to change until we grow our own media to the point it's just as widely disseminated as today's MSM. We have a ways to go but we're on the right path.

I'll be more than amazed if this 5 million number comes to pass, but I do plan on being one of whatever the final tally is, and Johnson will get my vote, I'm just not going to go yelling his name from the rooftops, I'd rather spend my time promoting liberty candidates here in Florida races that stand a chance of winning.

I am!

Unfortunately true

However, this cycle represents a historical opportunity. Things are *not* typical. The Ron Paul movement does in fact exist and has opened the eyes of millions to the false choices presented by the duopoly. The internet *does* provide a means of communication outside the MSM and the ability to raise significant amounts of money, quickly and with a minimum of infrastructure. GJ *is* a credible and *qualified* candidate. Former two term governors don't grow on trees. Much harder to dismiss as fringe. Serious, well know political figures like Jesse Ventura and Judge Napolitano are actively supporting him on the campaign trail.

Ron Paul has unleashed a lot of energy. If we get behind GJ with not only our votes but our enthusiasm and financial support 5 million votes (or more) becomes a realistic goal.

Personally, I believe that if GJ can take a state or even come in second, the Liberty movement will be off to the races in 2016 and beyond and the neocons on their way to the ash bin of history.


Question: When he gets only 1/2 a million votes--500,000 votes--

WILL you read WHY we have taken to advancing liberty via going inside the 2-Party Duopoly?

Here are the reasons again: http://www.dailypaul.com/217383/go-libertarian-or-go-freedom...

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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5,000,000 + 1

I'm voting for him

ecorob's picture

isn't it nice that the...

ptb allow mr johnson his 5 million plebes

refreshing, isn't it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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It's very exciting

To see the potential for the rise of a meaningful third Party. I'll consider a vote for GJ for this reason alone. "Taking over the GOP" is a waste of effort. Ron Paul said become the tent. He did Not say it had to be the GOP tent. The GOP is currently in third place ( by registration) behind Independants and Dems. The demise of the GOP would be a most welcome turn of events. As the non-white population continues to grow and shun the GOP, the Party struggles just to remain relevant. I hope they lose the struggle. How about you?

Agreed. Everyday it becomes

Agreed. Everyday it becomes more apparent we can not take over the GOP. Let it grow old and die. Rand better wake up, because we aren't going to be around for him when he needs us.

Johnson could do better than that IF...

Ron Paul supporters get behind him and abandon this "Ron Paul" write-in folly and Virgil Goode alternative and IF Johnson can get back on the ballot in all 50 states. Johnson has a pretty good chance of beating Romney and even a fair chance of winning the presidency IF that happens. I just wish Johnson were a better debater. If he had Judge Andrew Napolitano's skills, Johnson would win in a landslide.

That being said, I know there are many of you of will still write in Ron Paul. I respect your decision even if I question your wisdom. Keep in mind the presidential elections of 1836, 1856, 1860, 1948 and 1968. Who remembers the "Anti-Masons," "Free Soilers" "Nativists" "Dixicrats" and "American Independents"? Ron Paul has spoken highly of Gary Johnson. Is not that enough?

The orginal Liberty Party

The original Liberty Party was formed in the 1840 as an hard core abolitionist party. While it didn't get much support (polled 2.3% in 1844) however this was credited in costing Henry Clay the election.


It later with the more moderate Free Soil Party which then became the Republicans.


That's okay, we question the wisdom of those who can't see

Gary Johnson for what he is. He's another Bentondick Arnold.

A write in that will get thrown in the trash is worth more than any candidate they've put forth.. Be it Gary, Obama, Virgil or Romney.

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I'm Convinced

I'm convinced that these figures are thrown out there to discourage people from voting for Johnson. It's a semi-flattering estimation that leads to one conclusion--Johnson can't win, so don't WASTE your vote on him.

Author of the article

Is a huge GJ supporter activist.

Please read the entire article and see all the numbers included within it.

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Vote for GJ

is indeed a vote to support the continuation of this liberty movement. It is a message to the establishment that we are no longer playing this less evil game. The more number we can collect for GJ, the more pressure on others recognize our principle.

I don't consider Gary as the next leader of this movement. He is just an individual who wants to join us and like to represent the movement of liberty. If he fails to continue doing it in the future, I simply will not support him then.

Freedom join us all, and that should be our tool to bring more people in, and guide our politicians.

OK – I’m all-in

I’ve said recently that I’m so against the authoritarian neoconned GOP that I would vote for Obama as an ultimate protest vote in order to do my best to make sure Mitt loses.
Now that it looks like Mitt does not need my help to lose.

I’ve decided to Vote for GJ.
Hope he gets to the debates.

Poker is NOT gambling

Even our own government has conceded that poker is a game of skill. You do not play poker against "the house". You play against the other players. Having poker officially declared a game of skill was a huge victory for the PPA (poker Players Alliance). I am a politically active member of the PPA.

"Google Gary Johnson"

This phrase got me started with Ron Paul. Research what he stands for. Once I understood what Ron Paul stood for, I became an ardent supporter. I donated money, gave of my time, spearheaded events, went person to person.

Ron Paul encouraged the development of a liberty movement. Now that it is clear that he is no longer seeking the presidency, the question is what to do leading up to November and beyond? Support Johnson, support Goode, write in Paul, something else? I have resisted Gary Johnson so far, but now I am taking a look. My initial research looks promising. I'll keep you posted.

http://riseforliberty.com/ For May 17 Money Bomb!

Would be good. The ultimate

Would be good. The ultimate bugger would be to nab some electoral votes or win a state! But leviathan would never allow that to happen.

Southern Agrarian

all is possible

GJ is just starting to go viral.
Now he has well over 1 million followers on Google+ social site.

Here is Jesse Ventura:

"I’m voting for Libertarian former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and I’m urging everyone to do that," Ventura said. He said he spent Wednesday with Johnson and plans to campaign with him often.


Ventura will speak along with Judge Napolitano at Gary Johnson Rally in NYC on Sept. 18th.

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Five Million


If Gary got 5 million votes, the Libety movement will be here to stay. Most ballot access problems for 2016 would disappear. Would probably be the biggest story in the election. 5 million total sets up the LP (as repository of the Libety movement) for spectacular growth. Once this happens a lot of the "lesser of two evil" crowd will come over making liberty candidates viable outside of the neocon duopoly.

Lets make it happen.


then hopefully the two main

then hopefully the two main parties will change their platforms to appeal to the growing new party.

a win-win overall.