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Copyright robots take down Hugo awards

The broken copyright siystem is my pet peeve so when I saw this article on io9 I knew I needed to share it.

Last night, robots shut down the live broadcast of one of science fiction's most prestigious award ceremonies. No, you're not reading a science fiction story. In the middle of the annual Hugo Awards event at Worldcon, which thousands of people tuned into via video streaming service Ustream, the feed cut off — just as Neil Gaiman was giving an acceptance speech for his Doctor Who script, "The Doctor's Wife." Where Gaiman's face had been were the words, "Worldcon banned due to copyright infringement." What the hell?

Jumping onto Twitter, people who had been watching the livestream began asking what was going on. How could an award ceremony have anything to do with copyright infringement? Bestselling science fiction author Tobias Buckell tweeted:

Oh, FFS. Ustream just shut down live worldcon feed for copyright infringement.


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