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Jesse Ventura: The Only Difference Between Bush And Obama Is “The Color Of Their Skin”

Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor and author of the new book Democrips and Rebloodlicans, refused to answer when asked if President Obama or Mitt Romney would be a better choice for the nation in the fall in a phone conversation with BuzzFeed today. Obama and former president George Bush are only separated by "the color of their skin," Ventura said.

Ventura is in New York City promoting his new book, which compares the two major political parties to two of the most famous street gangs in the country, the Crips and the Bloods. In the book, Ventura encourages voters to support a third party. "Anyone that reads this book, I don't know how they could possibly vote for a Democrat or a Republican," Ventura told BuzzFeed.

"I can’t see any difference in government between Bush and Obama apart from the color of their skin," Ventura said.

To reach Ventura, reporters have to call his hotel in New York, where he is staying under his real name (James Janos). Ventura does not have a cell phone and never plans to get one. "Who needs the aggravation?," he said. "Not only that, they can track you."

Ventura, who ran as a Reform Party candidate and served as the governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, said he wasn't voting for either main presidential candidate.

"They're both bad," he said. "I won’t vote for either one of them because it doesn’t matter."

"I’m voting for Libertarian former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and I’m urging everyone to do that," Ventura said. He said he spent Wednesday with Johnson and plans to campaign with him often.

Ventura, a longtime Ron Paul supporter, said that he wishes Paul would have "stayed with the Republicans through the convention" to get TV time, and then ditched them and ran with Johnson — or on a separate third-party ticket — which Ventura would have hoped to join.


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From a different point of view...

... the color is the same, just a different shade. In terms of skin. Obama's is a darker shade of brown, but in terms of character, I'd have to say they are both extremely shady characters.

I have a name for them all

Goldman Sachs presidents.

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I can see many differences.

But, I'll just name one for the sake of brevity. OBAMACARE!!!!

It must be repealed and if O gets a second term, it will never be repealed.

At least Obamacare has a

At least Obamacare has a snowball's chance in hell of working. Bush signed the unfunded medicare part D! Both are terrible!

Romney will not repeal Obamacare. #1 he wrote it. #2 he has been lying his whole life, pathologically. #3 The GOP wont win the Senate and even if they do the liberal GOP members wont vote for a meaningful repeal.

Not to mention we got hit on 9/11 under Bush and nothing that bad under Obama...

Ventura 2012

HUH? Nonsense.

In order for Obamacare to work, the federal government is going to have to continually raise the penalty tax for those who refuse to get health insurance until they're in dire need of some healthcare (the current O'Care tax isn't nearly high enough), otherwise the United States is going to collapse from hyperinflation - kind of like pretty soon the government is going to have to start dramatically raising the payroll tax or face a $25+ trillion national debt, primarily because of SS and Medicare.

Medicare Part D just like Obamacare has and will continue to get funded through taxes. Either the government directly raises your taxes, or you pay for them through the inflation tax.

What proof do you have that Romney will not sign a waiver to the states and eventually sign the repeal of Obamacare if R's take back the Senate? He did write it, but, not for the federal government to use. There isn't any such thing as "meaningful" or "unmeaningful" repeal. Either it gets repealed or it doesn't. The liberal Gopers may like some parts of O'Care, but, they'll have to repeal the current version in order to try and implement their own. Besides, it would be political suicide for any Senator to vote against the repeal of Obamacare.

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Replace Bush with Romney. Now what's the difference?

There is no difference between Romney and Obama when it comes to undeclared wars, big nanny-state government AND Obamacare.

Here's the difference on "undeclared wars."

Romney, like Bush would never utilize American troops for UN and NATO humanitarian missions like Gary Johnson would and Obama has done. The only way that Romney would send American troops into an undeclared war is if the Congress is behind it. Obama doesn't care what the Congress thinks about anything. Remember, unlike Libya, Obama's drone war, and Somalia, the Congress WAS fully behind the invasion of Iraq. If Bush had put that up for a declaration of war, it would easily have passed.

Bush said we went to Iraq to

Bush said we went to Iraq to uphold UN Resolutions...are you sure you're a Ron Paul supporter? Cause Ron Paul says this in every speech...

Also, Bush lied to Congress to get authorization, that is no different than just not getting any to be honest.

Ventura 2012

Right. And Congress gave him the authority

to go to war to uphold UN resolutions on October 11, 2002. As far as Congress was concerned, that was their declaration of war. They gave the executive unlimited power to wage war on Saddam Hussein if President Bush felt it was necessary. It is of no consequence whether he lied or not because Congress bought his story hook, line, and sinker.


Blaming Bush for the Iraq War is like placing 100% of the blame on Lyndon B. Johnson for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Great Society.

If President Romney sends American soldiers to war, it will be because the majority of Americans' elected officials in the Congress agree to it, kind of like the vast, overwhelming majority of Americans' elected officials in the Congress agreed to invade Iraq.

This is insane. Bush

This is insane. Bush committed treason. He had total control of the executive and access to information that no one else did. You have to put the vast majority of the blame on him! Only the people that knew he was a scumbag liar or didnt buy his arguments EVEN IF his evidence was not fabricated voted against it. If he had done a false flag, everyone including Ron Paul would have bought it...

All this to say that these are equivalent evils they are just different ways of going about the same thing. At least Obama immediately put himself out there for impeachment, it took a while to discover that Bush was lying.

The establishment republicans are pro global government, remember daddy Bush? New World Order?

Ventura 2012

Dixie - you are a hoot

OBAMACARE - who gives a !@#$ - Romney is already flip flopping away saying he is going to keep the parts he likes. OH- yeh that sounds like repeal to me. And really - with everything else going on - is OBAMACARE really even close to important?? REALLY?

I think I would put the NDAA, SOPA(and all other variants thereof), ten years of war, the increasing police state, Patriot Act, lack of a budget, the FED(great job by the way guys- wow - oil shoots up over night and the dollar loses value!!! Good JOB) etc. etc.

Spare us the MSM talking points about crap that really doesn't matter.

Romney had his chance to pass the olive branch to us RP supporters and offer up a fair convention - he chose to sick his gestapo lawyers on us instead. The chances of me voting for you Mr. Spicoli are zero point zero.
If I come upon an accident on my way home and Romney is in serious need of medical help - I think I might just have to go see if I can save the animal he hit, or the bird, or maybe the ants he ran over, perhaps make sure no worms are needlessly suffering in the hot sun, call my lawyer to ask his opinion....see if I can find any shapes in the clouds....stop to tie my shoes....

Btw, Romney does NOT support SOPA.

Plus, Obama would VETO Audit the Fed if Republicans take back the Senate and manage to appoint a new Senate majority leader who will bring it up for a vote and get it passed.

Romney will sign it into law. Even if it's not a top priority for him, he's not going to veto a bill that his own party overwhelmingly supports.

Here's the problem with Romney

you can say he will do this and that all you want - at the end of the day Romney does what is best for Romney - not what Romney said he is going to do - he clearly has read The Prince MANY times and is a true disciple. The man has no principles, no integrity, no backbone.

It is because Romney does what's best for Romney

that I know he will protect internet freedom much better than Obama or any Democrat capable of winning the Democratic nomination ever would. It is because Romney does what's best for Romney that I know he will sign Audit the Fed if Republicans knock Harry Reid out of his position after November and pass it through the Senate. Think about it. ONE Republican voted against Audit the Fed in the House. The overwhelming majority of Republicans in the Senate support it and if it passes it will be because Republicans take back the Senate in November.

Now how would it help Romney to buck the overwhelming majority of Congressmen, Senators, and voters of his own party and breaking a campaign pledge by vetoing Audit the Fed? I've said before Romney is like the free market. He goes where the political support his and does what his constituents want. In Mass., he gave the New England liberals what the wanted. As president, he'll do whatever it takes to keep his party's support and win reelection. He won't be able to keep his party's support by ticking off a huge segment of the Republican Party by vetoing Audit the Fed.

Were you not alive during the

Were you not alive during the Bush years? Why don't you remember when there was only one GOP congressman voting AGAINST tyrrany when the GOP was in power? How do you think Ron Paul became Dr. No?

Ventura 2012

I'm voting against tyranny by voting for Romney

because Romney is the only one on the ballot that can remove Obama.

You're under mind control,

You're under mind control, this is an Orwellian nightmare for me just speaking with you.

Ventura 2012

Apparently, you don't understand Obamacare then.

Obamacare MASSIVELY expands Medicaid. If FORCES employers to provide insurance for all full-time employees or face a major fine. That's going to cause employers to start having to cut workers' hours and in many areas fire workers and make due with less or even close their businesses. What's more we're going to see a lot of businesses using technology to take the place of human bodies because they can't afford to hire them anymore. You think Europe is in bad economic shape, that's nothing compared to what this country's going to look like if Obamacare is implemented and sealed into our system the way Medicare has been.
Wake up!

Guess you didn't

hear... one of Romney's swell slogans is "Repeal...and *Replace*"

Replace it with what? A less vile version?


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

or perhaps

I MORE vile version.

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tell it like it is, jesse...

they are all EQUALLY guilty of treason against this country!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

When Given Nothing Else

People need a reason, any reason, to choose between the two, seeing as the difference in skin tone is an option people will opt for that. There's also the color of their ties, which some people have opted for as a reason to vote for them.

I guess these people haven't figured out they can vote 3rd party or write-in.


is just Bush with a fade.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Thanks for a bump

I wish George Carlin was still alive educating folks about this damn 'bird with two wings'.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15