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The Nanny State Didn't Show Up, You Hired It!

I found this to be a brilliant insight into the fundamental psychology of a statist. From The Last Psychiatrist:

Here's an easy example: other than me, Rana Foroohar is the only person still reading Time, and since she has a degree in English Literature and I do not, they gave her the job of Assistant Editor In Charge Of Economics. [...] Here's a sentence she wrote without any irony at all:

"In order to keep things afloat until politicians get their act together, the Fed needs new strategies."

Holy mother of Buddha. Leave aside policy controversies, what should make your eyes bleed here is how easily, naturally, she went over the government, to a higher authority-- how easily she was able to find "some other omnipotent entity" to save us from ourselves.

This doesn't mean the Fed is always that other omnipotent entity, it means that Foroohar will always locate such an entity because she cannot live without it; her allegiances will shift but she will never permit herself to live only in the abyss-mal world of her actions. She is always on the side of "who can fix this," she is never on the side of "I helped cause this." This isn't a political problem, it is a psychic problem: this is how all of us think.

Read the full article.

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