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Iraq and Pakistan ambassador nominations held hostage by Rand Paul

Rand Paul holding down the fort!

By Josh Rogin

The standoff between Rand Paul and the Senate leadership over the Kentucky lawmaker's demand for a vote cutting off aid to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan is threatening to derail the confirmations of new ambassadors to Iraq and Pakistan before the upper chamber leaves town.

Paul stopped all work on the Senate floor today over his demand for a vote on two amendments he is proposing to the veterans' jobs bill under consideration.

One amendment would withhold all U.S. aid to Pakistan until the Pakistani government releases Shakil Afridi, the doctor who worked with the CIA to help positively identify Osama bin Laden. Afridi was sentenced in June to 33 years in jail for treason.

The second would prohibit aid to Libya and Egypt until anyone involved in this week's attacks on U.S. diplomatic posts was arrested and transferred to U.S. custody.

Paul is objecting to unanimous consent on all Senate business until he gets his way, dragging out the process of taking votes for days.


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There shouldn't be qualifiers for restarting Foreign Aid

Cut it permanently.

Rand gets half way there, he doesn't quite get it.

When I saw the headline, I wanted to give him a pat on the back, I really did.

But, its just another half measure.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I believe its because, they can't get enough votes for that.

Ron put all the solutions out there. They all have heard it. It is in their heads.

Rand, as many believe, is doing like in football. He is taking what he can get.

What is needed, is more of us in government. Then we can take more as we start to reinforce the solutions over and over.


He still has a bill ending all foreign aid, however he can't generate enough support for it to force Reid to bring it to vote. It's either no step forward or a small step forward. He's trying to get a big step, but this is the best manageable step he can take.

He's stated in recent interviews that his goal is the elimination of ALL foreign aid. This is a starting point that SHOULD be easy to get through.

Eric Hoffer

Luv this comment from Harry

Luv this comment from Harry Reid.

On Wednesday night, Reid taunted Paul, saying, "I just think my friend from Kentucky maybe should have run for secretary of state rather than the Senate."

Gee, and I always thought the secy of state was an appointed position. Hey, maybe this explains why dirty Harry never follows the constitution... he must've flunked 8th grade civics!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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Way to go, Rand!


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Why have ambassadors in destabilized countries?

They are merely symbols of American imperialism. They are also sitting ducks and targets for assassination. Rand Paul is saving their lives by his stone-walling their confirmations, IMO.

This is Senator Rand Paul at his best, exposing tyranny.
Video of speech here:

Rand Paul is doing the best he can with limited knowledge.

He does not have a real understanding of what is actually happening in the world especially the role of the US and its allies in destabilising so many countries in order to further the objectives of the oligarchy that rules the world.

I am quite sure he believes that, as James Corbett says, 9/11 was an attack by 19 Middle Eastern men mostly Saudi Arabians who were led by a man on a dialysis machine sending orders from a laptop computer hiding in a cave in Tora Bora.

He probably shares the same world view of his country that most Americans have and does not realise that the people who control America do not have the same values as he has himself. When he says he wants to cut aid to Libya for example he does not take into account that before the US and its allies destroyed that country of only six million people using the combined forces of NATO the most powerful military alliance on Earth Libya was the most wealthy country in Africa with virtually no debt and foreign assets of $150 billion plus many tonnes of gold. They had already contributed $30 billion to the proposed African Monetary Fund that was being set up to replace the predatory IMF and World Bank.

All that wealth was stolen by the US and its allies and any money being used now by the Libyan government is being lent to them by the Rothschild Central Bank set up in Benghazi before the Libyan War started. This money is then given to the global corporations who have crowded into Libya to benefit from the contracts to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by NATO and their al Qaeda allies. One can only imagine how much this will cost the Libyan people by the time these gougers and looters are through. After they have enslaved the people to their debt they will then proceed to loot their resources and the Libyan people will be set back decades after reaching a very high standard of living as the Switzerland of Africa during the years of Qadhafe's leadership.

The US government is guilty of horrendous war crimes against much weaker nations and the narrative that is believed by the mass of the American public is a tissue of lies from beginning to end. This narrative sees America as a benign force for good in the world and it is this picture of his country that motivates Senator Paul. He wants to cut off foreign aid to every nation except those who are friends of America. The truth is that the US government owes reparations to many countries that would bankrupt the country if they were assessed honestly and paid to those most harmed by their predations.

It is not aid sent as a gift and spent on US and its allies' corporate goods and services that is the just recompense. It is a withdrawal of all troops from all these countries, an end to the bombing and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, a plea by all the American people for forgiveness for all their past actions, a complete accounting of all the destruction levied on these countries and the bringing to justice of all those who are responsible for commanding that destruction.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Questioning 911 is still off limits.

Rand won't touch it and Ron backed off after the 2008 campaign. It is one reason they are still in the game in the Repub party.


Rand Paul has thrown a monkey wrench into the entire US Middle East foreign policy. He doesnt have to know whats going on. Its ALL shady and he has stopped it. He doesnt need to know anything, just look what hes done!!!
He has single-handedly brought the entire senate to a stand still, if only for a day or a week...This makes them WORK!lol,
and you can bet the US generals in Paikistan and Afghanistan from both sides are FUMING over this! The BAD generals that is! The good ones are saying "right on Rand"!
Just like Rand did with the Patriot Act, NDAA and TSA overhaul, he consistently stops legislation dead in its tracks, calls attn to it, and then goes str8 for the jugular of the establishment in both parties! He has Pi$$ed of McCain, Graham, Lieberman, Boxer, and many more over legislation they want passed which has no business being passed. and I for one, am enjoying every moment Rand stifles their agendas.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

some wee wee

with those cornflakes

How DARE He !

Militants in Pakistan and Iraq are probably also waiting for the confirmations to go through. Don't they need to know who it is they're supposed to go after?

Rand may be doing Beecroft and Olson a big favor by stalling!

Ya think?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


I'm sure they would prefer to wait till after Christmas. :)

Hold up...one can't blame Rand

completely. The Obama Administration is ignoring this plus captives. Saddiqui, who now is trying to reach out to Israel for help, because Obama Administration is brushing him off. The damands are to release Al Qaeda prisoners we have in GITMO. Obama refuses to cooperate.It's barter, blackmail, whatever you call it. We have to admit to ourselves that we do not know the whole story. We are going to have some causalities even when doing what is right to get our nation (as a whole) on moral and financial ground.

Perhaps blackmail is the VERY reason why we continue aide to these foreign governments. Not all but certainly a something substantial. Also, keep in mind that this prisoner was never let go despite us continuing to provide foreign aide. Aide or not it's not going to change things--it isn't the only answer and far from the whole story.

We shouldn't even need to appoint new ambassadors

We don't need to be there in the first place. Bring 'em home!

More diplomats are good. “We

More diplomats are good.

“We must change our foreign policy from one of interventionism and confrontation to cooperation and diplomacy.” ~ Ron Paul

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I'm sick of this

So, let me get this right, Rand Paul wants to withhold aid to these two countries BECAUSE he wants the Dr who looked at and ID'd the frozen body of Bin Laden which has been in a freezer for 11 years to be released from prison and Rand also wants to cut off aid to Libya and Egypt until the individuals that killed the embassy officials, who were not protected with real ammo, are captured and arrested?? Do we have "STUPID" written on our foreheads?? Do these political hacks really think the American people are really that dumb? Stop ALL aid to countries ALL OVER THE WORLD! No conditions, no reason except for the fact that the US is broke. REMOVE ALL American personel and military from ALL military bases and diplomatic posts ALL over the world! It is not the responsibility of the American people to pay to protect the oil companies and mega corporations that chose to do business overseas. Let them come home to the US and bring those jobs back to American workers where they will be safe. How can "We the People" be so naive?? When are we going to wake up?? If we continue to allow this insanity to continue then as Franklin said, "We deserve neither Liberty or Security" Rand Paul, who do you think you are fooling??

Rand the Tactician

You are right on. He's just playing politics. If it were Ron Paul in the senate his comments would be short and direct. "No foreingn aid to anyone. Period." (Too bad he couldn't gum-up the works so easily as a congressman).


Watch this interview from yesterday.
3:30 for the more relevant discussion. On cutting foreign aid: "What I would do is START with the countries who disrespect us and are not acting like allies." On continuing aid to Israel: "We have to reassess all money EVERYWHERE considering that we're borrowing the money we send overseas."

Idk man

After reading your post, I'm pretty sure I know one forehead it's stamped on.

While I don't disagree with bringing everyone home and stopping all foreign aid, which Rand has explicitly stated is his goal, you need to start somewhere. Your argument is that it's a bad idea to stop giving aid to these countries... because we shouldn't give aid to anyone? How does that make sense?

I'm not even going to dip into the "frozen Obama" theory on this one.

Eric Hoffer

Yes that makes sense

You just stated that Dr Paul has it stamped on his forehead because he believes that ALL foreign aid should be stopped. Maybe this is no longer Daily Paul for individuals that believe in what Ron Paul has taught us but rather for the "Romney" supporting Rand Paul. I definitely see a change in the type of individuals commenting on this site and now that I realize that this is a Rand Paul GOP website then I no longer care to support it. Good luck in supporting the "Status Quo"

No no

I didn't mean Ron Paul's forehead. I meant yours. Sorry for being obtuse, I thought my meaning was evident enough.

You obviously failed to recognize the fact that Rand has ALREADY submitted a bill to end all foreign aid, but it's being held up by Reid. You fail to take notice of the fact that Rand is working with what he has. You'd prefer a solitary ideological stand that makes a point.

That's fine. Ron did it for 30 years and we found him and created this movement. However, what Rand is doing is achieving actual results with no loss of principle either. You're like the small child who gets a smaller toy for Christmas than he wanted and throws a fit about it, forgetting that you could have had no toys at all.

All I'm asking is that you quit being a whining armchair quarterback with no appreciation for the work that Rand is doing for us.

Quit crying about his endorsement of Romney that means absolutely nothing. Dry those eyes. Actions like these are the ones that actually matter and get things done.

Eric Hoffer

we cant just going around announcing to

world we are broke because that would be weakness. The US government is a very proud bunch...Rand is simply speaking their language. He's giving the proud mo-fos an out to cut aide while saving face.

What is stupid is our foreign policy. It needs to change. Period.

Are you serious??

Are you really serious about your comment?? The world doesn't know we are broke?? Rand is just speaking their language?? Who is THEIR?? Rand isn't talking about foreign policy?? What in the world has happened to character? What in the world hashappened to common sense? Does anyone practice critical thinking anymore? Has Ron Paul taught us nothing? If this is truly how your generation feels than I am wasting my breath because if this is the general consensus of your generation then you have no hope for a better future and my generation can not help you.

I mean as the reason why we are pulling out

..foreign aide.

I think everyone already

I think everyone already knows we are broke: http://www.usdebtclock.org/ Debt Clock ...it is public information and you are on the hook for at least $50K .

I answered the same in the above comment.

They would stop foreign aide as a punishment not because we are broke. Pride remains intact.

Looking into the matter

Looking into the matter it seems like this doctor was kidnapped by an anti-government militia for ransom, after that he was jailed for claims by this group for claims that seemed unsubstantiated. Then the CIA coerced him into doing some jobs for them (most likely through threats/intimidation) and he was sentenced to jail for 33 years which seemed at first to be about working with the CIA, but I think was something completely unrelated... as though to say "we'll get you for SOMETHING... ANYTHING".

The whole story seems convoluted and this doctor comes out looking like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is being used by everyone for whatever to get whatever.

And then I read this from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/29/shakil-afridi-osama... :

"While Afridi has garnered little sympathy from his countrymen, U.S. officials have rallied to his cause. On Capitol Hill, Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) have called for an immediate pardon and release. A Senate panel voted to cut $1 million in aid to Pakistan for every year of Afridi's sentence. There have also been bills demanding that he be allowed to leave Pakistan and granting him U.S. citizenship."

I'm suspicious of anything John McCain has a say on, haha.

I love Rand, but...

These aren't positions Ron Paul would take.

He is just demanding something in return for the aid/money. This is just extending the intervention.

I like that he is unafraid to piss of leadership - but what he proposes in and of itself isn't good. The only benefit is that it shows people that we are paying these countries aid money for 'nothing' in return.

And you expect the other 534

And you expect the other 534 to immediately support that? Rand has made it clear he wants to end all foreign aid. This is just a first step which is more likely to garner support among other Republicans.

Ron Paul has also made it clear (on issues like welfare and social security, but I'm sure it also applies to foreign aid) that it's better to pay for things with your taxes and get things in return instead of paying for things with your taxes and getting nothing in return.

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