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Rachel Maddow reports there was no protest to anti-Islam movie at Benghazi consulate-it was planned attack

Libya attack puts spotlight on Al Qaeda terror affiliates

Good report. Go to 11 minutes. That is where she tells of first reports from witnesses that there was no protest at all at the consulate. Attackers drove up in a car and started attacking consulate.
This was not about a stupid movie.

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I like her. She is what no

I like her. She is what no empty suit/dress, teleprompt reading person repeating what they are told to repeat is, an honest to goodness investigative reporter. Do I agree with everything she says, no. She's a bit more into social programs but is on the lookout for those who would do the country harm, in her opinion. Enjoy her program and am thankful for her coverage of RP while he was being ignored by other networks. If more reporters on both sides of the isle were more like her, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now. It is the free thinking democrats like her who support Ron. I'm sure there are constraints put on her by the station but she manages to get the message out.
THANKS Rachel!


Anyone who believes

this was caused by a movie, is really stupid. When I heard Hillary Clinton going on and on apologizing for this stupid film it made me want to puke. Is she really that stupid? This is appeasement at its worse. She and Obama are putting us all in danger.

BTW, I went to Youtube and watched the 13 minute film clip and to me it was kind of like a caricature type of thing. So what? There are plenty of anti-Christian films and comments and cartoons out there and we see no riots and murders taking place. Oh well, this is what the American people want. Obama is supposedly ahead in the polls. Ok. If that's what people want. I guess they won't get it until they are being dragged out of their homes and murdered in a street.

like her or hate her...

she does her research.