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Ron Paul Nationwide TV Address moneybomb: www.ronpauladdress.com

The Goal: Donate $2 million dollars on Jan 25th for Ron Paul to buy 5-8 minutes of primetime television space in order to address the nation.


As you know the MLK money-bomb day is on January 21st. After that we basically have two weeks to make a meaningful impact on the primary race before the arrival of Super Tuesday. Ideally we'll get some bang for the buck if we can get some media attention for the grassroots effort to get Ron Paul on primetime; build up some hype for the event before it actually happens. (assuming it were to happen)

There is no pre-arranged agreement with the Ron Paul campaign for them to use the money this way. Choosing to donate in tandem with this cause is nothing more than the equivalent of "Please Ron use it for this purpose, but it's up to you". This event is not meant to detract from the MLK money-bomb, which I am participating in. Some of us get paid on Friday the 25th and cannot participate in the MLK event to the extent that we'd like.

Please spread the news about this money-bomb around as much as you can. Banner code will be located on the website within an hour or so.

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