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In defense of Jesse Benton

Three observations:

1) Benton played a large role in the primary and, then, general election wins of underdog Rand Paul in 2010. They fought the establishment, and they beat them like a drum. That is no small feat.

2) Benton played a large role in Ron Paul 2012. As you know, in the better part of a year leading up to Iowa, Ron Paul was ignored by the establishment/media (89 seconds, anyone?). When he wasn't ignored, he was severely marginalized. It was all riding on Iowa, and they almost pulled it off, which would have been a political miracle.

3) Benton gave some very good, very libertarian interviews during the campaign. In this one, Benton articulated an anti-Income Tax position that I only wish Ron had consistently conveyed in debates and interviews. I believe it was Ron's greatest failing, as it would've served to balance the anti-foreign intervention stance so loathed by mainstream Republicans:


Let's give credit where credit's due - I doubt someone of the above ilk is all bad.

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Lew Moore

It seems the good doctor could not conceive of his own family being infiltrated. It breaks my heart for him, it is a brutal reality.
Now, how many here understand that Rand is no better than Jesse? Both are here to ride the wave of liberty rising WITHOUT defending truth?
I love Dr. Paul for what he did, but without TRUTH as a key value, there is no real liberty.
Israel is NOT an ally. That has nothing to do with religion or race, it is about corrupt governments. Now we stand on the brink of war, again, because Israel wants our children to come die for their country. And still the victims of 9-11 cry out for truth while our "best hope" played politics.
Obomney 2012 - The Bankers Choice.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Rand is the Best We've Got

After Ron leaves there's nobody better than Rand in the Congress. Stop ripping him. He's gonna be our best candidate in 2016.

As long as Rand hangs with the Zionists

and the Neocoms (not 'con', but communist as there is nothing conservative about a Trotkyite), he is not my candidate, period! These people, along with their cohorts in the Fed, are the major factions destroying our Republic. All Rand has to do is champion the Constitution as reasons to oppose their intentions, instead of playing along with them digging himself into a blackmail situation they will use against him. Either, you stand for the Constitution as claimed, or you are just part of the enemies who are destroying it, it's just that simple. He's a fool if he actually believes he can bring these Corporatist sellouts to our side, as they are just greedy well bought puppets of the Zionist regime, aka the Rothschild Bankster Cartel. In other words, you can't be against the Fed, and support the Zionist Israel BS, as they are part of the same destuctive faction run by the Rothschilds. Here, is an excellent presentation by David Icke on this empirical fact. http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/60657-david-icke-rothschi...

when Jesse "allowed" the Rnc to start supporting Romney BEFORE'

he was the nominee in direct contravention of the rules and when the race was finally down to just Paul and Romney, I knew something was wrong.
Why give up at that stage?
We heard a bunch of nonsense about it being a grand strategy to get Ron the nomination-it wasn't -it was all about Jesse playing nice with the RNC neocons and his future

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He could have just told the RNC....

..."look, do what you gotta do. We're going to do what we gotta do. Thank you very much." (hangup.)

But no, he tried to be slick. And it backfired.

Nothing Surprising About Benton

Many here saw right through him upon first hearing he was being considered for the job as campaign manager. There is nothing to be shocked at or disappointed about regarding his actions or conduct. The disappointed came when he got the job. Everything he has said and done since is consistent with his nature as a political operative. He played his role, but in my opinion was never aboard the liberty movement in mind or soul. It's over. Time to ignore him.

SteveMT's picture

Denial. That is where you are at.

You cannot "accept" the fact that we've had a traitor in our midst.

The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief

1. Denial and Isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance


Rand Paul evidently doesn't think so, as he reportedly ok'd the McConnell job.

Ron Paul would have to condemn Benton for me to label him a "traitor". If he does so, I'll eat my words.

No question, Benton has made some big mistakes. And I've read Tom Woods' account, and I respect it.

But don't we WANT Ron Paul republicans in prominent positions of influence, like managing McConnell's campaign?

If Benton merely serves as a lapdog for McConnell and his statist ways, then of course it would suck, and Benton would deserve every ounce of disdain you throw at him, and more. But isn't it possible that Benton's primary agenda is to promote liberty, and this is just another avenue in which to do so?

Yes, it's a fine line. Yes, it bears scrutiny, and even skepticism. But I'm not yet ready to label Ron Paul's campaign manager and grandson-in-law a "traitor".

SteveMT's picture

I respect your concerns about this word.

A traitor is too strong a term. Alternatively, these words are more appropriate: deceiver, liar, and embezzler.

gee blee

wake up!!

How do you get so naive?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

To condemn Benton...

...is to condemn Ron Paul.

And I'm just not ready to do that.

With friends like

Jesse Benton who needs enemies.

The success of Ron Paul was due to the hard work and sacrifices of the Grassroots. Jesse Benton road the wave and now jumped ship, let him go.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

No offense but...

this has to be one of the dumbest posts I have ever read on the DP.

Benedict Benton has moved on, we all should as well.

Jesus Christ, stop making

Jesus Christ, stop making excuses for this scumbag you blind mice.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


SteveMT's picture

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going"

Benton got going and was gone when the times got tough. Benton was in negotiations for a new job with McConnell at the very same time that we needed him the most. Benton sold us out.

What you mention above was "the bait" to gain our trust as in "bait and switch." The switch phase was made when Benton went into his me-first, true colors mode calling us "a fringe element that he wishes would go away." This comment occurred while he has hashing out the details of his new job with McConnell. Nice guy, a friend of Liberty NOT!

Who functions by first gaining someones trust, then turning against them? The devil comes to mind.

We got as far as we did in

We got as far as we did in spite of Benton, not because of Benton.

Blessings )o(

I don't agree

Being invited to join Central committees and become delegates is how we got as far as we did this election. What hurt us the most was grassroots who refused to join the GOP, become delegates, but ranted against the comapaign in hopes Ron Paul and Jesse Benton would fail. They failed Ron Paul.

Most of us had no clue what a central committee was, the power they have, how and why they operate, how to become a delegate, how to become part of the estbalishment to actually make a difference.

It was Jesse Benton and his leadership to those who did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do that can take credit for our strong showing in Tampa, despite the Neocons in the GOP, the PTB and their corporate influence and grassroots wanting to FORCE through non complience, (based on MSM influence to hate and fear) Ron Paul to do things their way.

If there is any LIBERTY being issued the next four years, on anyone's ballots, it will be through the efforts of those who did what Ron Paul asked and accepted Benton's invitation into the GOP.

I'll be watching grassroots for the next four years and what I expect is more confusion, more lies, more fraud, more hate and fear and more losing. More 911, more conspiracy BS, more blame for everyone but themselves.

The real losers are the ones crying now. They blame everyone but themselves. Those of us who see our wins are too busy to cry. I'm off to work the Republican booth at my county fair, as I promote liberty candidate Dan Roberts, and the others promote Romney and Emken. It works our well for all of us.

I remain very grateful to Ron Paul, Jesse Benton, Rand Paul and the Ron Paul Republicans who made the difference. The liberty we achive will be for ALL of us, despite those who didn't get with the program, happy to know it will be doing more for grassroots than anything they have done at all.

You are so full of it. Here

You are so full of it. Here is what Ron Paul said we should do, "Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual."


I'm going to post this every single time you try to tell us what Ron Paul said to do.

SteveMT's picture

You've said that you have evolved and want no part ...

of the grassroots movement. Why keep beating the same drum that the RNC is the way to Liberty, when you can only see more and more tyranny around us?

Fact: The more interactions people have with the RNC (and the DNC) the more corrupt people become, save Ron Paul.

Wait until you see how big the purge is going to be

of Paul supporters in the GOP across the nation.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

That's easy to assert from our perch...

...but is it fair?

Benton was inner circle in two incredible political feats. He also seems to buy in to the liberty message, or at least articulate it.

I think we have far bigger political enemies.

SteveMT's picture

They are the ones in the perch, not us.

We are the grassroots. We are the ones that give the Liberty Movement life. The ones in the inner circle have three huge responsibilities.
1. Direct and frequent communication with the grassroots.
2. Remaining as incorruptible and as consistent as Ron Paul.
3. Leading by example and fully supporting the Liberty Movement.

Benton failed by these criteria. Our worst enemies the ones who first gain our trust and then deceive us. Clear enemies are always consistently against us. It's the ones who start-out as friends then become enemies who are much worse, IMO. They are called "trolls." Benton is a class-A troll.

I agree with your criteria...

...but I don't think Benton failed by these criteria to the extent that you do.

It would be interesting if Jerry Doyle questioned Ron Paul today on Benton/McConnell.

Our enemies are?

Our enemies did not allow RP a fair shot at the nomination, starting in 2007. Our enemies have kept Ron Pauls message from reaching the masses. Our enemies negotiated with the RP campaign to stop rallying and to concede the race. Our enemies are many - JB was one of them.

The success of the campaign was because of the excellent grass roots force, in SPITE of Jesse Benton, not because of him

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy