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Continuing To Hand Over $ To Banks and The Gov't Is Just Like Giving It To Jesse B.

Only worse and on a massive scale.

Seriously, if you think about it...what's the difference? People donated money to the "Campaign" and we now know it was routinely funneled to Jezebel where it was mismanaged, wasted, or stolen.

So, every time you give ANY PART of your income to a bank or to ANY government institution, know that it will be used in the same manor that J.Benton used the RP campaign money. Banks and the Gov’t are not using our money how we intended or expected them to. They are NOT using it how we were promised.

We pay our mortgages to bankers who (with very little effort) can LITERALLY logon to their personal bank accounts (like we do to check our balances) and these ultra special, super elite, can type 100 million dollars (or whatever number The Fed approves) into the deposit column and then offset the entry by typing 100 million dollars against the (taxpayer) account that Bearded Ben has provided for them.

They now have 100 million more dollars in their account and it cost them NOTHING. The only thing that happened is the federal debt increased by another 100 million dollars. THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

SO, WHY DO YOU KEEP SENDING YOUR MONEY TO CRIMINALS who have not only stolen from YOU, but are now stealing from the UNBORN?

If we keep on funding the banks and the government they will keep legislating our freedoms away, dropping bombs on brown people in foreign lands, and building the most complex and repressive police state in the history of the world.

People in the future are going to look back through the tunnel of time with incredulity and disbelief as they try to make sense of a society where 99% of the population took orders from the remaining 1%. To further confound and confuse the people of the future, they will also learn the most bizarre fact of all, the 1% made the 99% pay for their own systematic abuse for centuries.

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