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Why You Should Not Donate Another Penny to Campaign for Liberty

If you did not like the way Jesse Benton ran the Ron Paul campaign, then why would you donate to Campaign for Liberty?

When Jesse wrote his resignation letter to Campaign for Liberty, he addressed John Tate and the C4L Board of Directors. He said “Helping found, build, and grow Campaign for Liberty over the last four years has been one of the great honors of my life.” Most importantly, Jesse goes on to say “Thank you as well, John, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance, wisdom, and calm, steady hand over the years. I know that with your leadership…Campaign for Liberty will grow stronger than ever and accomplish even greater things.

So the man who treated the grassroots like dirt, lost back to back Presidential campaigns, and...
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when I started getting 4-page, two-sided letters...

...in the mail from them, in old typewriter font, I KNEW they were no better than the right-wing K-street lobbyists who suck money from unsuspecting conservatives promising to end abortion and homosexuality.

Go talk to people face to face; uphold our MORAL VALUES of old person to person, and "add virtue and excellence" to this society everywhere you can - we cannot BUY an election; we can however buy plenty of bread and circuses for people who don't want to do more work than blow money on airfare/hotels to follow Ron Paul around the country, only to get whipped up in the emotion of a moment!

The founders had correspondance committees, not LOBBYISTS! The selfish politicians don't give a rip, but they'll take the free lunch and tell you they do!

Let's cut our nose off...

...To spite our face!

Give it a break, will ya? Really? Now the enemy is C4L. I can't wait until you tell me the enemy is Ron Paul himself.

So I guess all they have done for Ron, Rand, and specifically Audit the Fed is meaningless.

Bugs in the machine's picture

Never gave them a penny

And likely never will.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.


has been turned into a political consulting firm run by Benton and Tate et. al.

Let it die. The virus has become a cancer and must be cut away if the patient is to survive WHOLE!