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(VIDEO) Texas Police Chief Approves of Officer Dragging Elderly Woman Out of Car on Camera

(VIDEO) Texas Police Chief Approves of Officer Dragging Elderly Woman Out of Car on Camera

September 13, 2012 @ 2:32AM

Despite wearing a camera on his uniform and having one on the dashboard of his patrol car, a Texas police officer was not deterred in dragging an elderly woman out of her car when she did not immediately produce a driver’s license during a traffic stop.

It took less than a minute for Keene Police Sgt. Gene Geheb to drag 77-year-old Lynn Bedford out of her car, even though she said she would give him her license.

She just didn’t do it fast enough.

Geheb had pulled her over last month after clocking her driving 66 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Bedford, who was driving home after playing piano at church, explained that she was in a hurry because she had a bladder infection and needed to use the bathroom.

But Geheb had no sympathy. And neither did his boss who approved of his behavior.

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Clearly A Romney Supporter

If she didn't know she lives in a police state she sure does now. If the cop didn't believe, or care, about her bladder condition I hope she left a present for the department on the squad car's back seat. She should be happy she even survived the encounter without tazer marks or .40 cal entry wounds.

I think she must be

one of those Domestic Terrorists we have been hearing about, she is lucky he didn't tazer her. (sarc)

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