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Giuliani has $7M cash at hand = broke!!

"Rudolph W. Giuliani’s senior campaign aides have given up their paychecks for the month to help save dwindling campaign funds as Mr. Giuliani heads into the crucial primary races where he has staked his candidacy.

With weeks to go until the Jan. 29 primary in Florida and the so-called Super Tuesday races on Feb. 5 in many major states including California, New Jersey and New York, Mr. Giuliani’s campaign has $7 million in cash on hand, the campaign reported."

keep reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/12/us/politics/12giuliani.htm...

So basically he is broke. He had $16M in beginning of Q4 and now he has $9M less and has yet to win a delegate. One could question where has the money gone?

See Giuliani drop out after losses in MI, SC and NV. So much for the front-runner...

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we need to ensure this does not happen to dr. paul

if he has money he can outlast the others.

donate on jan. 21


Bon Voyage

You Tool Bag!

We can only hope

lets pray. lol