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Was Benton fired from C4L ?

“Jesse Benton was actually fired from C4L and stole all the lists (C4L, RP12, LPAC) before he left. Ron Paul is very upset.”


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liberty chat . com is not

liberty chat . com is not credible

Ron Paul's donor lists have

been on the streets for years.

McConnell thinks Benton will get the same results for him as Ron Paul. Good luck with that. We know who the neo-cons are, and Benton can have all the lists in the world it won't work.

Maybe RP will learn after this

that family , friends and business do not mix well. Just something i have learned from experience. When your in business and a family member or a friend calls on you for a job or to do a job, the best thing to do is run as fast as you can the opposite direction...Same thing with your Pastor.... RUN Forest RUN......

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But but but Benton is so

But but but Benton is so pure! We must not question our dear campaign leader! Surely he's just being practical in his approach to spreading our ideas!

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He WAS fired last Friday

and he WAS caught downloading lists. That is a fact from inside the campaign. He stock had been going down however as contributions begun to dry up and many donors citing that Jessee Benton was the reason. I personally believe that Benton was shopping around with Ron's blessing because funds had begun to dry up and Ron finally realized that Jesse was hurting C4L. I think Jesse had bragged to Mitch that he could bring the list and as crooked at Mitch is, he had no problem taking a pirated list. Then at the last minute Jesse had to get that list some how and was caught downloading it. This last part is not speculation. It is a fact that he was fired and was caught downloading the list.

Texas Liberty Lady

$1000 easy money if you are right

Nice way to spam your comment.

I will escrow $1000 right now if you want to bet me that you and your "source" are wrong. Find some impartial judges, determine rules and I will transfer $1000 today.

Let's see who is telling the truth.

And I base these claims on absolutely nothing...

...and can provide no evidence whatsoever to substantiate them.

: /

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Ron was taken advantage of...

...and it sounds like he now knows that he let his supporters down by letting Jesse run HIS campaign and not being pro-active when it became evident to many that Jesse was running HIS campaign into the ground (and fleecing his supporters in the process).

Maybe this is the beginning of a general housecleaning atop the Ron Paul movement, with Ron Paul more fully engaged and back in charge. I hope so.

Now we know who NOT to vote for!

McConnell---but Rand will get that list too.

I imagine Rand already had

I imagine Rand already had it...