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"Make fun buddy..."

Sometimes when I get frustrated (like I am right now), I really want something horrible to happen to wake people up. (Preferably an economic one rather than something happening to our troops) I really am beginning to think that a catastrophe is the only thing that will turn the tide in favor of Ron Paul fast enough.

If the dollar crashed to like 10cents to the euro I think people would pull their head out of their asses. If unemployment reached 10-20-30% I think people would pull their head out of their asses. Maybe this real id crap will incite some anger.

I also get real tired of people on this board pussyfooting around and denouncing stuff. Especially Sutton Counties clerk, she deserved every bit of flak she got, and I bet you that she won't be making that mistake again, especially when it comes to Ron Paul's vote count. What'd she expect, people to just roll over and say "oh its okay honey, you didn't mean to do it", its her damn job people, she needed a slap upside the head for doing making stupid assumptions. If I mess up at my job, I expect to hear about it or there is something wrong!!

Unless this recount brings in a landslide for Dr Paul, NH is the biggest hypocrite state of them all. And for all of those that voted McCain, I hope that all their firstborns get sent to Iraq for the full term of 100 years.

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Not wishing for anything too horrible, BUT...

Sure would like those recounts to be so drastically different (in RP's favor, of course) that it REALLY shakes up the current vote-counting process.

Also, wouldn't mind more "people-power" messages being sent, such as what happened to Fox's stock after what they did to RP.

Sure wouldn't mind seeing that kind of message tomorrow with NBC's stock for what they are doing to Kucinich on the 1/15 Las Vegas debate, either. (inviting him, then changing the criteria AFTERWARD and UNINVITING him, even with Richardson out now)

Whether anyone likes Kucinich or not, although I know many people here do, the powers that be are being very brazen in their tactics to try to pick off the candidates who do not fit the current agenda, and RP falls into that category .

I always wonder what it is

I always wonder what it is McCon has stuffed in those hampster cheeks of his? Maybe gold for the coming economic collapse? Or maybe it's just his rolled-up plans to go to war with the rest of the world!


I like your footnote


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


It just boggles my mind as to why people vote for that arrogant piece. He needs to die of skin cancer soon.

soon?? How about...


(Feel sick every time i remember I live in AZ and he is "my" Senator)