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Jesse Benton Responds: Why I joined Mitch McConnell’s team

I know you're angry, but consider upvoting post, rather than downvoting it. Perhaps, others want to read it?

By Jesse Benton | Daily Caller

I discovered Mitch McConnell on May 22, 2010.

Of course, as a budding young politico, I had followed Sen. McConnell for more than a decade. I respected his achievements and understood his importance, but it was that day that I was first allowed an inside look at the man who led my party in the United States Senate.

May 22 was five days after Rand Paul’s primary victory and any celebration we enjoyed had been short-lived. The liberal media was circling, the national Democratic machine was cranking up its attacks and Kentucky Republicans were deeply divided after a contentious spring campaign. The tea party won the primary, but the tea party alone would not be enough to win a general election in a state where Democrats held a 2-to-1 registration advantage.

Rand and I rode to Frankfort that morning not knowing what to expect. What we experienced was a very real GOP Unity Rally that had been put together by the only man capable of doing so: Senator Mitch McConnell.

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How does this post have so many upvotes?

Comedic value or is there ballot stuffing going on?

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We wanted all the DPers to

We wanted all the DPers to see it like stated in the post! Down votes get less views, this is something we all need to see/read!

Got it


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So jesse got his wish

his silly excuses got up voted for all to see and the comments make a mockery of his claims to be working for a "legend" who will spread liberty far and wide. His sincerity is so compelling. ROTFLMAO

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Who's running against Mitch?

Who's running against Mitch? Maybe we should all give Benton a little lesson in blowback and support the other guy!!!


"There is no question Mitch McConnell is the most conservative Republican leader of the Senate in generations."

yes jesse ,mccconnel is one of the all time

Greats and you are blessed to be working with him -GAG

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lol define


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Warmongering Fascist

Is probably what most that call themselves 'conservative' in congress really are. In other words, they're not conservative at all.

A true conservative is one that wishes to conserve our founding principles, protecting and defending our Constitution and liberty.

And on the other side, we have Warmongering Socialists, calling themselves 'liberals.' When a true liberal should actually also defend individual liberty and our Constitution.

Conservative: Someone who

Conservative: Someone who prefers the status quo even if it sux

Benton,All this shows is

All this shows is that you do not understand Liberty. What about his votes to support the Patriot acts, NDAA etc. Sorry but you are dead wrong. I gave over 12,000.00 in the 2008 campaign between me, my wife and Son, and My brothers. I also gave money with chipins etc.

In the 2012 election cycle I gave maybe 250.00. Especially when I saw that after Iowa and New Hampshire it was the same old crap. Don't bother to get a recount or fight for what was right. YOU know as well I I know that it was voter fraud and you, the head of the campaign would not FIGHT. You would not go after Romney or his Record. If you being the so called great campaign manager would stood your ground and called BULLSHIT like you should have I would have donated to the max again, because then I would have known you were in it to win it at all costs. I don't care what Romney would have tried to stick to Ron at least we would have gone down fighting instead of like a bunch of wussies. Now you are going to head some neocons reelection. Some douche who voted for the bank bailouts and the most ANTI LIBERTY LEGISLATION TO EVER COME INTO EXISTENCE. PATHETIC.
You can not explain yourself away on this one. The most beatable douche running in a Republican primary, the one with most dirt and skeletons in his closet and YOU couldn't get the job done. PATHETIC.

SteveMT's picture

Nailed that SIERRA. You're right. No vote recounts....

in places that had fraud written all over them. Benton must have appealed to Ron Paul idealism, wanting him to take the high road and NOT demand recounts in those questionable states. The thought of those conversations between Benton and Ron Paul makes me sick to think about.

Jesse Benton

can rot in hell. and, if i have to EVER see his fat ugly face on TV shilling for war and the slaughter of children on behalf of his master McConnell, he can go to hell after dying slowly of the most horrific cancer...


Marxians and socialist-progressives always invoke children's sake when suppressing INDIVIDUAL liberty. Congrats!

Like guns do not kill, gunman kills, the same way, Senators do not kill, it is solders-for-hire who kill. We have no draft.

Hiring a killer makes you a

Hiring a killer makes you a murderer too. I'm with you, I'm not one of those folks that condemn the policy but "support the troops." Any soldier following orders to drop bombs or participate in unjust war is guilty of murder as far as I'm concerned.

And now, Jesse Benton, working FOR a murderer, makes him an accessory to murder himself. So, again, may he burn in hell

Cyril's picture

You're too harsh, IMO.

You're too harsh, IMO.

With my deepest sincerity, I have no doubts that some kids you'd love in the civil have no clues about what they join when signing for the military.

I know ignorance of the evil is not quite of an excuse, but still... remember it's also a lot about a carefully engineered deception on the ads and everywhere else on the MSM.

I wish we could be more compassionate.

If you really insist on calling a cat "a cat", and traitors and MURDERERS the same, please go for it and start your list with Mr. Panetta's then.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Then would you condemn your relatives as murderers for electing and supporting our politicians, they almost all vote for wars?

A fair enough criticism. The

A fair enough criticism. The reality of it is that politicians only exist because of the voter, which is why I don't vote and never will. I think Benton qualifies as a special case. While the average voter is ignorant, he knows exactly what he's doing.

That the majority of Germans voted for and supported Hitler's election, didn't make them worthy of being firebombed by the hundreds of thousands by FDR, Churchill and the rest of the evil gang.

It's a fine line, I understand, but there HAS to be one somewhere. Jesse's guilt is far more scarlet than most others

I think you mean Marxists,

I think you mean Marxists, not "Marxians."

I thought he meant...

I thought he meant "Martians", but to each his own.


You are all the same to me


"You?" What the fuck leads

"You?" What the fuck leads you to think I'm a "Marxian?"


Like collectivist left and religious right, you do not use rational faculty, just emotions and feelings. The more peach-fuzzy, children-sake, feel-good emotions your thought evokes, the more righteous you are.

Don't be ridiculous. I ain't

Don't be ridiculous. I ain't claiming to be a "righteous" person and therefore, everyone should be forced to be like me, unlike the fucking category of person you flippantly try to group me with. We're talking about a position of peace and liberty vs a position of coercion, aggressive war and slaughter of innocent life. Get your head outta your self-righteous ass.

Enough of Team Massengill.

Enough of Team Massengill. Stop being their stooge.

now I really hope that

Ron Paul joins the Libertarian Ticket.

Clean writtern peace

with the eloquent summary: "It may not appear like an obvious fit for the chairman of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign to find his next calling with Mitch McConnell, but it makes perfect sense to me."

Mitch McConnell is the best employer he could find. You may not like it, but do you expect self-sacrifice? If you do, then let start with our troops, policemen, and public school teachers who work for state tyranny.

But Benton is better, he does not live on taxpayers money as many of our relatives do.

Cyril's picture

Disappointing. Sad. Tiring.

Disappointing. Sad. Tiring.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Step On Jesse, But Don't Touch The Doctor

Can anybody here say HYPOCRITES??? You robots don't mind stepping on Jesse Benton like the rodent he is...but when I say it and mention that the Doctor bears the responsibility for allowing this Judas to run (or run into the ground) his Presidential campaign(s), I get all the "Go away NumberSix" hate posts and vote downs.

One irrevocable fact of life - you reap what you sow...what you plant is what you grow...and if you plant corruption, you get that and everything that goes with it. It's all on you, dupes.

Be seeing you.