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The Ignorance of Enlightenment

A look at what our ideals are and how they are challenged.


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Thank you, for sharing this with us.

I have wondered why those in power are NOW sharing knowledge and I can come to only one conclusion.

They figure why not tell the dumb shits the truth before we annihilate them.

All these centuries they have convinced people to kill one another while they stood back collecting the wealth and treasure of others.

It most have gotten boring for them and they need a challenge, now they are willing to share the knowledge, that we may be semi informed before they annihilate us.

Maybe, they think it will help ease their guilty minds, saying "see we told them and they let us do this, it is their own fault, dumb pathetic people do not deserve to live."

I do not look down on those not informed, I feel for them because I am one with them, deceived and purposely mislead. Guilty of being to trusting of people in position of power and authority, I stand among the masses.

Even now, I sense that I am being lead astray to parts unknown by those who profess Enlightenment.

What goal do I have for this journey called life?

To do no harm, love, create, forgive and maintain my soul, if there is a higher power, may he or she forgive my shortcomings and receive me.

If there is no higher power may I continue this path as it is most pleasant and gives me strength to live with myself.

Good luck

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."