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A Breath of Liberty in Arizona ~ Saying no to corruption in Arizona GOP

Arizona’s State Convention was a joke. Liberty delegates and their votes were cast aside and left out in the cold despite having a massive voting bloc.

We’ll we are not standing for it anymore. WE are passing resolutions condemning the actions of the AZ GOP leadership and kicking out the charlatans. Here is a video showing the people standing up against corruption. You can too!

This also provided a great moral boost for our liberty movement in AZ! Video below:

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Please unite behind Gary Johnson

He is our ONLY chance at this point.

Good stuff!

Getting out of the USMC and joining my wife in AZ. Can't wait to do my part for the liberty movement!

A good first step. However,

A good first step. However, as the speaker indicated, you'll have gain control of the state party eventually to have much effect. Even then, the changes to the rules at the national level will have to be reversed if possible. Supporters of the restoration of the constitutional republic within the GOP are engaged in a game of chicken with the GOP establishment.

Continue the game of chicken

Agreed. Ron Paul played a game of chicken with the establishment for 12 terms. He is winning the race because we are joining his side. People will continue to join our side.

Grind it out.