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Jim Uprichard is home in Reno now!

Got this update from Mila this morning:

Jim Uprichard was released from the hospital, and flew home to Reno last night. He looked good. He has a lot of bruising going along his neck, but we were surprised to see how good he looks. He has a black eye and his eye is very red. He has double vision out of that eye at this point. I did not get to see his shoulder because it was covered. He is going to need a lot of body work. He had some sunburn, more than likely from the ride to Tampa. As far as his brain goes; he knew all of us, which is great. He was exhausted from the flight, but he thought he was going to see his motorcycle as I was wheeling him out of the airport. He asked about his car several times and he wanted to get in it and drive it to get a hamburger. Out of the blue he would say things like, "I am going for a motorcycle ride this weekend." He walked, but he walked like he was very wobbly and he dropped his wallet.. He is definetely not out of the woods yet. But doing much better than he was last week. I got him and his brother a room for the night. We were not sure if Jim could remember where he lived, it is a distance away from the airport, they arrived pretty late, and the roomate situation, it seemed like the best route to take.

I talked to Dick (Jim's brother who flew with him) this morning and they both got a really good night sleep. Jim wanted to do laundry last night at the hotel (?). He was sleeping when Dick called, but he said Jim had been up and had a shower and "he is doing much better this morning."

Today we are going to work on the VA, which could take 2-8 (?) weeks to get him registered and they will only help in the event of an emergency or with service related things. (?) This is what I have been told by a guy at the VA. I was hoping we could get him some therapy through them, but... We shall see. Things are still sketchy and there are alot of questions, but he is home.

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The VA hospital in Reno

is excellent. What we need is a family in Reno who would take Jim in & get him to his doctors' appointments. Anyone care to step up?

4Constitution did this


Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

anyone? how about on the CA border with NV?


So happy Jim is home.

I met him at the airport and was surprised how good he looked. He is very thin and has bruises on his face but his arm was not in a sling and his shirt covered his 20 plus staples he said that was in his left shoulder and upper arm.

He was totally exhausted and hungry. He was a bit goofy but after all not only does he have a concussion but he is on some mighty heavy meds.

It was nice to meet Dick (his cousin) and hope his flight went well.

Well, the VA is of no help. We truly need some prayers for

Jim. I live more than an hour away and do not have a spare room. If he is up to it, I will move out my living room and put a bed in for him. He needs assistance. We do not know if he has insurance because he is not sure. He does not believe in medicare/medicaid, so that is not going to work. He really needs help and he knows it. I am going to do some body work on him tomorrow, He has an enourmous bruise down on his lower back/side. His arm is incredibly bruised with a coupld of small sores and I am amazed at the bruising on his neck. He also has bruising all down his legs. He definetely hit hard, but it does not look as if he broke anything open. He also has more than 20 staples down his arm and it is bandaged.

I do believe that the majority of this will heal. My concern is that the mind is not connecting things well. He is rememering a lot and seems better each day, but some things he is just not remembering or connecting. He will say things often that do not make sense, such as, "I am going for a motorcycle ride this weekend", or "Is my motorcycle waiting for me outside the airport."

We need this patriot back to us whole and complete. Please continue to pray. If anyone has any ideas of how I can get him more help, please let me know.

I just had a child that fell out of bed and broke the collar bone and I need to be there for Jim as well. Please send thoughts our way. Thank you so much.

good news about Jim!

thank you for the update Cynthia.

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I hope he recovers fully and swiftly



Best wishes Jim!

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