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Man pays $137 ticket with 137 origami pigs!

How do you pay a $137 traffic ticket in style? One man did it with 137 dollar bills folded into origami pigs.


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Fiat legal tender is tyranny

It is a good protest to force the government to accept and follow it's own terrible legal tender laws. But to do that, you can't back down. And if they ultimately refuse to accept your payment in legal tender then you don't have to pay, for then they have refused payment.

However, where it becomes terrible is when these same legal tender laws are forced upon another individual or business.

In the following video someone decides to stick it to a business owner by using seven police officers to force a business to accept his pennies. I hate towing companies just as much as anyone, especially when I'm on the end of a tow, but I hope you look past the fun of seeing someone stick it to them and see my point:


It could have been any other business, including yours.

And the worst part is, pennies and even 'dollars' are not even worth anything anymore.


I can only hope that I will be that cool some day!

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Awesome. Simply awesome.


He did not have to unfold them though. If they want the money they can unfold it themselves.

He shoulda stuck to his guns

He shoulda stuck to his guns and told 'em "no, I'm not gonna unfold 'em, here are your 137 FRNs. Show me the law that says they have to be unfolded. If you can't, then here they are."

Cool statement, nonetheless.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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He made his point, with humor and style.

I hope he got thorough satisfaction from this symbolic statement.