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Would like some input on being prepared for when SHTF!

I have a general question for the well informed people of the DailyPaul community and would like your input and advice. Considering all the troubles we are facing economically and socially!!..What are you doing to be prepared when it gets worse? What should you stock up on? In my particular case I live in a small city and have a relatively small house, with three kids and a wife. The only thing I've managed to get so far is a Berkey water filter system, I do have some bottled water, 300oz of silver and a like 3 or 4 1oz gold coins. I don't make a lot of money, I guess I am considered average middle class. I am just wondering what you all are doing out there and what can I do to be better prepared. Thanks for your input :)

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Get long term food

in a way where you dont have to eat the same thing for a month at a time. Try efoods


Looks good but.....

You cannot read the ingredients link to 90% of their products.
I for one need to know what is in these foods.

There is no link also to contact them.

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Stock piles and all that are

Stock piles and all that are great but, learn how to create and do things from scratch. Learning the skills you need to provide for yourself will be far more valuable than a 6 month stock pile.

Learn to garden, cook basics, can, marksmanship, heat, lighting, figure out how to supply yourself with water (well, rain barrels, whatever works for you).

A great way to go about this is to build a library of survival, basic cook books, first aid, medical, and how to books. Print hard copy instructions from the internet. When and if the internet goes down you will have them.

Something people overlook that is very important is antibiotics. These can be purchased cheap at farm supply stores (same stuff we humans use) Learn now how to dose it (print). These are important because if and when people are not eating proper, stressed, and out in the street sickness will be widespread. Plus you will be able to trade a few doses for food and supply.

If you want a really good idea of what it will take... One Friday night turn off the water and trip the main breaker. (leave the fridge and freezer on) just don't use them. Don't turn it back on until Monday morning.

Oh one other thing.. Make sure you keep your dental work up to date... Nothing like a tooth ache when you can't get it taken care of... Really that was a huge problem in the Argentina crash. I picked up a how to dentistry book and a few tools. The more you can and are ready to handle yourself the better off you will always be... crash or no crash...

Very good points

When the shtf, it will be stressful time, and not the time to learn to do things. Learn them NOW, please!

Here are some things you need:

Guns (shotgun and revolver)
Ammunition (lots)
More water (1 gallon/day per family member)
Emergency food
Emergency plans for your family (meeting location, etc.)
Extra cash
Pre-1965 silver coins
First aid supplies
Extra batteries
Heirloom garden seeds
Emergency weather radio
Potassium iodide (prevents radiation poisoning)
Garden with vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees
Survival kits for your cars (3-day)
Good friends and neighbors

Here are some other things that are nice to add:
Video camera system
Guard dog(s)
Backyard chickens (many cities allow hens)
Ham radio and operator license
Police scanner
Home canning supplies
Solar oven
Solar generator
Car or truck that runs on diesel fuel (unlike gasoline,
diesel is stable and can be stored)
Grain mill and stored wheat
Skills (shooting, hunting, fishing, gardening, canning, medical,

Ann in Florida

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Guns, Gold, Silver, Seed and Family.

Get yourself to the area of the Grand Tetons to Calgary. This will be a pretty much safe zone up to 2040. It is absolute you must be above 50m in sea level. NO EXCEPTIONS.


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Why the specific elevations,

Why the specific elevations, BMW Jim?

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Just a dream my friend. There will be

some rising water coming. You and I will probably not see the extreme part of it for our ages. The water is going to rise! The Mississippi will seem an ocean. The upper east coast will be washed away for the Hudson will overflow for miles. California and most of the west will be gone. America will be like large islands. Major cities will disappear.

Don't worry for most of Europe, Russia, China and most of the Middle East will disappear. People will start to understand what real LOVE is and then the Mother Earth will start renewing herself.

Many will not make it. I don't expect I will for I will not leave my family even though I was told to do so. It is not a punishment, It is a free will choice. I accept that but, I also feel as though I MUST help others. If things change with my wife I will make that journey. She and I have gone through much and I cannot leave her.

Your indigineous background tells you that I am correct and you know it. That is why you ask. Please don't think I am crazy for I only say what I see. Some mornings I see bright lights and it is a healing. I try to send them to others for to hold onto the light would be a disservice to mankind. Mother earth is within us all but we as a people must strive to see it.

Ira, this is why my thoughts on politics, patriotism, group think has changed so much. The dreams are coming more frequently and I cannot stop them. Enjoy the ride my friend. It's going to be a doosie.

Oh! The war will come around 2015-2016. The build up is just starting. Billions will lose.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


all you say is going to happen you wont see any of it none of us will. Can you even think of all the nuclear sites close to the water?

Thanks. I was told by someone

Thanks. I was told by someone to be a minimum above 5,500 feet, so I am looking at the Rim Country of Arizona as a bug out location and maybe for longer.

I hope our paths cross someday soon. If you ever decide to make a move to S.A., you have a place to stay. Your Friend In Liberty!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

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Ira, I guess I didn't really answer your question so here goes.

The earth has already started tilting on its axis. A full 5 degrees will cause a very large portion of the north and south poles to melt. The total rise in water will require every living thing to be at least 50 meters above sealevel.

There will be a huge piece of the Antarctic fall into the ocean which will cause a tremendous tidal wave to engulf most countries in the world.

On a positive note the evil ones have already lost and now it is to be played out here. In a tone of justice I will tell you that a section of Iran will incorporate and very spiritual zone for some remainders of mankind. Ironic isnt it. I laugh for the Demo/Repub Neocons ultimately lose. They will squeal like pigs in the streets for their lives.

This squeal, you and I WILL live to see.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I thought about that area

I thought about that area too. My brother lives out that way. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Florida, probably not the safest place to be, but it is what it is.

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When you are ready to make the move

come through Louisiana and I will help in any way I can. By then my visions may become clearer. This is the direction I want my children to go.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I will thanks. Florida is so

I will thanks. Florida is so crowded, even though we live in a rural area, it's still relatively populated by retirees and those types.

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By the way, there's something you might NOT want to do

By the way, there's something you might NOT want to do :

to advertise or give clues to your local area that you're prepared, precisely.

This should remain YOUR call to decide to whom you're willing to provide your voluntary help.


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I agree

with you 100%. There is enough information out there if one is really

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you will need some guns and

you will need some guns and ammunition. If things get so bad that you will need your water purifier then there will be no law and order. People who are about to die of thirst will not hesitate to kick your door in and take your water and anything else they want.

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I know it goes against the main thinking here, but there is no one here who knows what will happen or when. There is a mighty battle going on between the natural economy, which wants to deflate, and the central planners, who want to inflate. No one knows how that battle will play out.
I'm sure we will experience many ups and downs in the coming years, and one potential scenario would be a shortage of dollars, esp if there are bank runs. For that reason, I think it wise to incorporate a cash stash (actual Benjamins) into preparation, ideally, enough to pay your necessities for up to a year.

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You are right, fireant. Cash in still king.

Keep some cash around, NOT IN A BANK, but in a safe location. There is no point to keeping money in a bank at 0.1% interest.

Before the dollar goes bust, prices will skyrocket. We'll need cash before it finally becomes worthless.

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Yes, thanks fireant and Steve.

Good advice.


There are some great eBooks

in the "Country Living" section of this website: http://www.educatorsofliberty.com

I highly recommend ALL of them. Download and print. The Foxfire volumes are terrific...

Great site.... Thanks for the

Great site.... Thanks for the tip

Skills, Food, and Defense

One low cost thing you can stock up on is knowledge/skills. Canning, gardening, sewing, repair work, candle making, soap making, HAM radio, physical fitness, etc. Learn as many "survival" skills as you can.

http://readynutrition.com/ is a good place to start

You need to stock up on non-perishable foods too. Powdered milk, canned meats & veggies, pasta & pasta sauch, wheat/flour, sugar, beans, rice, etc. Learn how to store foods for the long term using mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, food grade buckets, etc. Also you must have some way to cook if there is no power - a gas grill is a good place to start, but many other options are available too.

Then there is self defense. If SHTF then things will get violent. You must be prepared to defend your property, your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Learn safe gun handling skills. Learn to shoot both handguns and long guns. Start buying a home defense battery (handgun, shotgun, rifle) and practice with them. You can go ultra low cost and get a Hi Point handgun for under $200, a 12 gauge pump shotgun for under $200, and a rifle for a few hundred. Then plenty of ammo... buy a box or two every week or two. Of course if you have more to spend, you can upgrade to better equip - Ruger, Glock, S&W, Springfield, EAA, Bersa, etc. Consider buying used and save a little money that way too.

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lots of clubs/groups to

lots of clubs/groups to join...


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Don't forget things for barter

I'm not much of a drinker but I do buy vodka and jack for barter and antiseptic. Think of things like that. Also, as my wife pointed out, things like tampons and toilet paper. Be creative. Also I agree with others below who suggest that you try your best to buy an acre or two away from the city. Even if the S doesn't HTF you will be glad you have some acreage.

Once you have your

Once you have your food,water,silver,gold and personal protection squared away I suggest you research off grid backup systems.
Even if you only power a shed or garage with it.You can get a
150 watt solar system with a couple of backup marine batteries for about $2000.That will keep your food cold or a small water heater running,some of the lights on and you can keep your electronics charged.I would also look into getting a wood stove if you are somewhere with cold winters.My 12x25 garage is powered by solar for my lights and a wood stove for heat and cooking.
If the SHTF we will move into the garage.If I were you and I didn't have the money to do this I would sell a couple of ounces of gold.

I am no one who should speak but...

I own a nutramill Wheat grinder.

I have a lot of wheat. It stores forever and though wheat bread is hard to make Wheat Pancakes are a breeze.

Lots of health in real wheat fresh ground food dispite the ney sayers.

This will go a real long way. I would stock up on kids vitimans ... that would be to off set what you might mess ... one every other day.

Globalbuckets.org works great for peppers and egg plant ... not so much for tomatoes. container lettuce works awesome. you will need lots of oil ... salt, yeast ,

This is a starting point for low budget prep.

Patriot News
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Buy books...the internet may not be here.

I've bought books on canning, and how to butcher. No..I haven't actually done either of them yet, but it's a start. First aid books, survival books.... We've got 8 laying hens now, and a start on food storage....if nothing other than a hedge against inflation too. We live where deer roam through our backyard, and wild rabbits live under the shed....yet only 20 miles out of a medium sized city. The "zombies" could walk here in a day, but I'm hoping most will be taken "care" of before they get this far.