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Ron Paul Was Right Again! Predicts today's problems in Libya

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This needs to be seen by more

This needs to be seen by more people. Bump.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein


For mornin people

Right on Ron Paul is such a

Right on Ron Paul is such a genius shared this on facebook & also rubbed it in Sean Hannitys face. We should organize and start spreading this as far as possible everytime something happens share and prove the point.

Well that sure didnt take long

Great video.
Share it.

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But Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN!!!!

I was starting to think that was a no-no here at the DP. Hmm...


...that's why his picture was removed!!!

Dr. Paul has a habit of being proven correct!

That is why so many people in America don't vote for him, because he is right all the time. Why would American's want someone qualified in the White House? We would be breaking fifty years of tradition.

Thanks for posting this thread.

Its about who counts the votes not who got the most vote

its about who slants the news, not what happens
Its about power, not truth

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and yet they continue to ignore Ron Paul

I guess he is no fun as he is always right and points out the folly of the neocons and progressives

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Who is 'they'?

Cause from my perspective, more and more are listening to his words. Before you know it, these parties will flop and liberty will prevail :)