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White House Asks YouTube to Remove Anti-Muslim Movie Clip

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This is a sad subject

The makers of the film should be ashamed. They supposedly had $5 Million to make a film and this is what they came up with? Also if you have any couth and respect for your religion you wouldn’t go bashing the beliefs of someone else..

If their goal was to piss a lot of people off (not just Muslims) they did a great job. This video will only produce more hate and division.

Is it their right to speak their mind? YES, According to the constitution it is.. Should they be forced to take it down? NO, this isn’t free internet if we did force that.. What would be next is other issues our government may not like are taken down as well..

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A reasonable request

But would have been removed already had they actually wanted it gone.


...wasn't part of the White House speech today talking about our 1st Amendment rights? Yeah, I heard them boasting about those rights and that is part of why we are such a great country! Are you kidding me? Lies, all lies. The greatness and freedoms have been fading for quite a while. Oh, but I haven't seen the you tube they were speaking of.

If you want to see it, just

If you want to see it, just search "Sam Bacile" on YouTube. He is the supposed creator of the film. There are a lot of questions surrounding the film as shown in this article:


This is the part of the controversy that I found interesting, and it does appear as if the audio has been dubbed over to add anti-Islamic rhetoric:

“Nearly all of the names in the movie's trailer make up a compilation of the most clumsily-overdubbed moments from what is in reality an incoherent, haphazardly-edited set of scenes,” it says. “Among the overdubbed words is ‘Mohammed,’ suggesting that the footage was taken from a film about something else entirely. The footage also suggests multiple video sources – there are obvious and jarring discrepancies among actors and locations.”

... And this yet another excuse to start the censorship of the internet and free speech. Ugh.

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