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Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory

Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory

There has been much speculation about why Romney refuses to disclose earlier tax returns. Could it be as simple as an address?
Friday's exchange of letters between the election campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, in which Romney rejected Obama's offer to drop the tax return issue if Romney will produce just three more years' records, has moved the long-simmering brouhaha over Romney's tax returns back to the front media burner. Romney has only produced two tax returns so far. That's many fewer than any presidential candidate has disclosed in decades, setting up the hearsay accusation disseminated joyfully by Harry Reid (who may or may not actually believe it) that Romney is afraid to tell voters that he sometimes pays no taxes at all. (Romney has answered that, saying he has never paid less than 13% in taxes on his income.)

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Where is the main stream media on this????