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If Ron Paul cannot be the president at this time, what would you do?

If Ron cannot be the president at this time, let's search the electable candidates who want to run for Congressmen, Senates, Councilmen, Governors, Mayors and more that have a similar philosophy of Ron Paul! There are more out there than you can imagine! Take your action and I will do the samething! It is only way for America to be improving in the ahead of future and our next generation. God, Creator or Great Spirit bless you all!

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if one ron paul rocked the establishment

then millions of ron pauls will fuck shit up, but remember, the elite scum do not want you to know you have that kind of power

become Ron Paul

great post! I think its more important than ever to actually have discussion with people on Liberty, NOT just about Ron Paul. when i got into this I was getting the word out and promoting Dr. Paul for my primaries. My efforts were needless to say rather disappointing, labeling him racist, a Neo-con, etc. fast forward to today I am have HUGE improvements on spreading the message of Liberty, and Auditing the Fed. People in my community ask me, where did you get so smart? The difference... I'v noticed i haven't been dropping Dr. Pauls name in these political conversation. In conclusion the mindset of The People must be changed, They must understand not only the Important issues we are facing but more importantly know the Solutions as well. Without educating your local township on Liberty many of them will vote on popularity rather than principle.

When the people awake seldom do they go back to sleep.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Voting Gary Johnson is the

Voting Gary Johnson is the only option to keep moving forward. People need to stop listening to the Anti-Johnson trolls and hear say and give the guy a real chance and look at his track record.

Instead of scattering our energies come together and get this guy elected. it can be done he just needs the exposure.

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i agree

its obvious there are romney and neo con trolls on here. we want liberty, in which ever wrapping paper is fine :)