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Ron Paul groups being ignored on myspace???

Hello all,

I was bored and decided to see if there were any Ron Paul groups on myspace. So i ran a search on "Ron Paul" from their groups section.

What i found is that there are for some reason only 1 ron paul myspace group. AND the most popular Ron Paul myspace group is "Ron Paul exposed link exchange" which is a myspace group set to discredit Ron Paul. The other groups are also anti-ron paul groups such as "ron paul is an ***hole" and so on.

I find it hard to believe that the largest social networking site online that chose ron paul to be elected president in their myspace poll has no Ron Paul groups.

What is going on here? Can we confirm a popular group there for Ron Paul.

I highly suggest you give it a check yourself.

the question is what shall we do about this?

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