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Latest G. Edward Griffin interview is a gem (as usual)


What else is new? G. Edward Griffin continues like the Energizer Bunny, doing so incredibly great with his public speaking style. Here is his latest interview from 3 days ago. Great to see him staying so right on the message & doing this at his advanced age.

As always goes on to say: General elections are bunch of rubbish distractions from real issues.

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Government "education"

A first step towards a "solution" should be to end government "education". Home schooled kids I've met "get it" the one's coming out of government propaganda mills don't. Freedom of choice in education – not the socialist model we have.

24 yrs ago...

... my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. I had a book about natural cures for cancer, etc, written by one G Edward Griffin. I gave it to my Dad, who did not understand much about people. He took it into the hospital and demanded to know why they did not do it as in the book. When his attention was diverted, not hard to do, since he was unconscious a good part of the time, they absconded with the book, as could be expected, but my Dad could not fathom people that evil.

He did not get the natural treatment, he got the radiation, the chemo, etc, and died a few months later.

I am amazed at the range of the work of G Edward Griffin. He takes on difficult subjects, he researches and documents them thoroughly, and writes clearly and comprehensibly. He is a master at English, both written and spoken, and digging and researching, etc, etc. Yet that is not what impresses me the most about him. Beyond the mastery of his skills and his workmanship, there are his gentlemanliness, his integrity, his compassion, his unrelenting striving for the truth and his astounding intellect.

G Edward Griffin is my hero.

This man was and still is

a great source of inspiration for my personal and now lifelong quest for promoting liberty. It all started here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2UeJKahIjU I still recommend that video to people as one of the places to start their awakening. Onwards!

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans

We need to STEP UP

I was enlightened by this book by G Edward Griffin and the videos of AAron Russo. That is what started my journey to where I am today. Unfortunately I am not able monitarily to do anything. However I would like to see someone pick up the torch and millions are. My thinking is this book is thick and so full of information most people will not purchase it because of the cost. I probably wouldn't have purchased it until I was offered a silver dollar as insentive by the great company Midas. My thought is we need to contact people like the young texas billionaires and other pac's along with money bombs to purchase millions of copies of this book and send them out like phone books to every household in America. Maybe then many will read it and follow in our footsteps before we are doomed. Please someone pick up on this and follow thru.

Good idea!

How about we donate to have this video played on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX at prime time?

Dos Aquis

The most interesting man in the world.

Wow, great interview!

G. Edward Griffin is a boss!

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Great interview full of useful information.

There was a missed golden opportunity @20 minutes in for Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill to come up as a means to further expose the tyranny of the Fed.
I wish they could have worked in a Ron Paul plug into this interview. Darn, maybe next time.

Everybody has specific blame

to assign to this or that particular scapegoat - president, Congress, RNC, media, NWO, paper money, the FED, Zionists, Masons, fluoride.

Few have balls of Ms Ayn Rand to expose the true evil - the desire of majority of Americans to trade their individual liberty for job security and unearned free staff (like our solders, for example.)

The morality of sacrifice (shared by collectivist left & religious right) sanctions such attitude - public is encouraged to sacrifice for god, neighbors, community, majority, society, humanity, country. Since god, community, society, etc are abstracts who do not collect sacrifices, wise central planners and special interest groups step in to collect.

Thus, soldiers on the battlefield sacrifice, while solders in reserve and trade unions at Lockheed Martin collect their sacrifice (re-distribution share of extorted tax money including free education and trade union perks.)

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@ 24:40 Griffin makes yet

@ 24:40 Griffin makes yet another excellent point that I can prsonally identify with. I've learned more in the last two years through my own study than I did through six years of college.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e.e. cummings

Grocery Items Have ...

...tripled just about. They've done that since 2007. They've at least doubled and some have tripled. At least prices at Whole Foods Market have. I think office supplies have too. Although office machines are less expensive (which is practically the only industry the gubmint has left alone).

I KNOW appliances have gone up EXPONENTIALLY since the early 1990s. You used to be able to get a high end washer and dryer for $400. Now it is more like $1500 to $3000 depending on where you shop. In the early 70's you could get a new Camaro for $1500. You could get a Toyota Corolla for $1400.

The guy interviewing him isn't old enough to remember what things used to cost.

exporting inflation?

I didn't get the bit on exporting inflation. It was his reason for why our prices for goods hasn't tripled since 2008 despite the money supply tripling. How would that work, the US dollars in Zimbabwe being inflated more than within the US?


Most of the world has to purchase oil in US dollars.
I think since the year 2000 countries started wanting to only take gold or other currencies to deal in.
Here is RP testimony from 2006
If you research the petro dollar you will find any country wanting to start using anything but the US $ gets a dose of Democracy and the head of country is taken care of.
Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan.
Iran, Syria, India, China, South Africa are the latest threats and all of them have started dealing umongst themselves in metals and other currencies.
We will see a FLOOD of $ coming back on top of unlimited QE just announced.
The $ started to plunge since the Bernankes announcement.

From what I understand

the reason we do not have hyperinflation now is because of Bonds, that the other countries didn't have Bonds and we do.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

The time delay of 30-year notes helps...

but only for 30 years, and then...

"Home is where it's hardest."


It wasn't a very accurate explanation

The ECB and the FED do pretty much the same things at the same time. This is to avoid an imminent collapse. But it will happen in a not so distant future anyway. The market cannot continue to consume debt at this rate. Returns are dropping month by month.

At some stage when enough countries stop purchasing dollars and euro debt we will feel the inflation becoming much more intense and rapid. The bankers are very powerful as long as they run things. But once they lose control over the debt scam many countries will bring a hammer to kill the debt system completely.

It's a chess game at our expense. Global control over the economy* (*the people of this planet) is at stake for them. If they lose we get our freedom back as long as we don't allow them to set up a new system. The new system must serve we the people. Not the bankers. We will put them to work instead! After we have shared the wealth they stole from us. They have a lot. They've had this power for centuries. So we can look forward to a very nice party once we have put them in prison.

In an over simplified

In an over simplified explanation, what he is saying is that most of the newly created money is being sent over seas instead of being used here. If the rest of the world decides that they don't want to use US dollars anymore and they send it all back to us, that is when we will experience hyperinflation. We are already seeing signs of this happening with China and I think India not using or thinking of not using US dollars to buy oil from Iran.

If "the rest of the world"

If "the rest of the world" "decides" they don't want dollars and "send them back", each dollar's corresponding debt is paid off, and the dollar supply will fall. That's pretty much how fractional reserving works; if noone wants your money, the money does not exist.

Dollars are moving abroad because they are easy to obtain in the US, but even at 0% interest, there are no asset worth buying in the US at current US prices. Decades of bubble blowing has rendered absolutely everything in this country too expensive, and everyone knows it. So, they'll take the cheap money, but then invest them in places where it looks as if they'll get more for their money. Since all this bidding for foreign assets have left them largely overpriced as well, just less grotesquely and obviously than US ones, the dollars will soon have nowhere to go but banks reserves.

Money today is pretty much universally debt backed. And debt is collateral backed. So, when the value of collateral worldwide is collapsing, as it now either is or is poised to after decades of hyping, the broadest measures of money, which includes debt, will contract. As in deflation.

Two possible shortcuts around this:

1: Governments; as they can basically mandate that the debt they issue, is good collateral; take the money and burn it. If they do that to a large enough degree, we can get hyperinflation.

2: The Fed can keep dropping collateral standards, i.e., accepting some homeless guy's promise to pay you $1billion tomorrow as good collateral against handing you a billion or so in Fed notes. By stepping away from accepting treasuries only ion his latest spasms, and buying MBS, Benny is kinda-sorta moving in that direction. But, since all he is buying so far is agency debt, this still mostly falls under 1, i.e. government guarantees. Once he starts buying credit card debt, inflation becomes more of a possibility.

Anyway, aside from the two mechanisms above, as long as money is debt based, hyperinflation is just another way of saying hypergrowth in debt. Which to me seems rather backwards right now, as it was in Japan around 1990.

Boy O Boy

I sure do LOVE and RESPECT this fine man.

He has been educating us all for years tirelessly and does such impeccable research.

God Bless him!

You are about to enter the Reality Zone, a place where truth is stranger than fiction, where knowledge is king, where myths are shattered and deceptions exposed.
Those who enter can never return to the Twilight Zone from which they came.

Always love the intro!

Ron Paul is My President

He's The Man

I first discovered this fine man back in 1980..Hasn't changed a bit..

Love ya man!

A National Treasure

G. Edward Griffin

Real Deal Right Here
“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank, and he can rob a country and the world.”

Total Bunk

The economy is doing great. I was able to retire at 40 years old from my county job with full salary. My friend got disability at full pay in california for a minor back ache! This is the greatest economy the world has ever known! We don't even need to work and it's still flush with money. You people are just nay sayers. The Head of the LA TSA sued the state disability program for five million dollars for "stress" then went back to work as head of LA tsa. If you don't know how to work the system that's your fault.

I hope you're kidding pal!

For the most part the scum of the earth were born and breed into ignorance. America wasn't intended to be santa claus for people like you. It has turned into christmas for everyone because the politicians got us to believe that WE are entitled to live off the government dole. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Its all gone and with any allusion of freedom. We must get er back or else we will wake up soon to find that we are slaves on the land that our forefathers fought and ided for.

If you really believe the system is there for you to workout a great retirement, then wait a little while and find your source of money will be cut off by the fraudsters.

Enjoy your early retirement while you can. It wont last long...Ha!



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

no one will ever challenge this guy !

to attack AttackApathy would be apathetic (in which case why bother ?)

...that's pretty funny...!...

...that's pretty funny...!...

G. Edward

is amazing! I remember hearing about his book 10 years ago after 9/11. I took it as conspiracy and totally ignored it only to find my self reading it 6 years later and realizing this was Reality. even today he is still on his game even at his age. Amazing how these old guys have been completely disenfranchised from the public by TPTB for so long.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Great for waking people up

Thanks for that. Another fabulous one - as usual indeed.
I find his stuff unbeatable for educating people on the big picture.

Fun, educational projects to inspire young minds...

Why even interview old (80) useless farts like that?

Past retirement age (62) people are useless and usually addle brained.
Euthanasia needed already. Maybe it's hidden in Obama care and they can off this useless eater.




~sarcasm to the nth degree because 80 isn't that advanced IMO and Griffin is as sharp and brilliant as he was 50 years ago and by his looks he's going to be around a while. I had the privileged to meet him in 2008. Incredible man.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I always wonder why making

I always wonder why making assumptions based on age passes so often when other types of prejudices get trounced. Many people get wiser as they stick around longer...

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."