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Paul Supporter Destroys Romney Supporter With Verbal Logic

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As opposed to the written logic that we're used to seeing.

That which you can hear (and see expressed).

Classic. Utterly classic.

And there you have it.

The American idiocy personified.

GUY: See, what most people are not seeing, is that COKE and PEPSI are basically the same product. So they are both killing you.

They are both colas. And basically identical.

If you want to be healthy - you should stop drinking both of them.

Otherwise, you are just drinking the same stuff only in a different colored can.

LADY: Are you serious? We've had four years of PEPSI. We need to go back to COKE

C'mon! COKE is the real thing! We've had enough of this "choice of a new generation" bullsh*t that's 'reckin our country!

GUY: No, listen. The only real difference is the color of the can. They taste almost identical. Scientists have shown without a shadow of a doubt that they are made from the same stuff.

Really. Its is for sure:

One can is Red. The other one is Blue. That's the only real difference.

If we don't choose something other than cola, we will get sick and die.

LADY: Well ... Ok, Ok. I totally see what you're saying yeah ...


... but ...


If we don't get rid of all the PEPSI, we are all going to get sick and die.

We cant stand another four years of PEPSI!! Why are you defending PEPSI!!

Omg! The only hope for this country is for everybody to start drinking the COKE again. For realz!

GUY: *sigh*. Ok. Lets try this another way ...

{.. lather ... rinse ... repeat ... }

Coke vs Pepsi

Brittany Spears endorses and is a spokeswoman for Pepsi
Jennifer Lopez endorses and is a spokeswoman Coke-a-Cola

Game changer....

Good luck deciding who to support now that I've brought this to your attention.

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

I'm not a fan of Brit Brit. I

I'm not a fan of Brit Brit. I think JLo is pretty and by far more talented but I don't drink either Coke or Pepsi. What do I do?

In that case

In that case you will have to vote your conscience.. Good luck


Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

Completely disagree

With your analogy. The taste of coke is FAR superior to anything pepsi has going on, its not even comparable! Down with pepsi!

Please note, I am being facetious.

.......but I seriously, I do hate the taste of pepsi. Mountain dew is good though...

Oh no problem, by all means:

Feel free to replace COKE = PEPSI (with)






etc etc, as your preferences or circumstances warrant :)

Well done

I'm in the mood for some ice tea

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

Yes. Exhausting isn't it?

Yes. Exhausting isn't it?

Yah!, its called Loyalists, just like the ones who opposed the

Foundng fathers when they would try to reason and talk to as many people as possible during the first years of Revolution, We have many tools they didnt have like the internet, phone,and advertisement, let those guys be loyal to ROmney, she is not going admit that he is right on the spot, its called ego, and when this economy collapses she know fully it was HER choice

Small correction

I think soldier suicides are up to 35-ish per month, not per day. great vid though.

She is sorry. Im glad she is

She is sorry. Im glad she is apologizing in advance for taking part in destroying our country.

wheres natural selections

wheres natural selections when you need it...

I have had this same

I have had this same conversation over and over and over and over again. It is exhausting!


They never comment on dr pauls views, because they don't know what they are. Obama is bad blah blah and Romney is my savior. Willfully ignorant, living in lala land

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

Loyalty. This woman reminds me

Of a wife whose been told by her best friend that her husband made pass on her. Can't except the betrayal.

Why are Ron Paul supporters always the smartest in the room?

Ron Paul supporters always seem to be the most informed, well read, and intelligent people. Maybe it is just because I always agree with them.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Countless hours

Countless hours of independent research and self education goes into each Ron Paul supporter. The MSM machine pumps out 1,000 of that lady everyday. It is sadly a losing battle from a numbers standpoint. The RP guy and all of his hundreds of hours of self education will get him 1 vote... That moron lady also gets 1 vote.. The RP guy has probably been successful in reaching 10 to 50 people in past couple years and those people will reach people and so on.. The MSM machine pumps out 10 times that amount everyday. Sorry, I'm not trying to be negative. This lady and people like her just remind me how fukd we are...

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

When the other argument is

When the other argument is always the same nonsense...we usually are right. You cant argue with whats right.

reedr3v's picture

That Oathkeeper is definitely keeping his oath,

first educating himself so well, learning how to convey his message effectively except against the densest of propagandized sheep. Were he speaking to anyone with a decently open and working mind, he would be very convincing. And by filming this encounter, the man is making good use of his talent as a teacher. The video is getting many views and appreciative comments.

I do hope the starring couple sees what fools they've made themselves in public.

It's so sad

That more than 75% of Americans do not have an open mind.
They are "wilfully ignorant".
Aka they are constantly presented with facts, but choose to ignore and deny them. These people probably think that all Muslims are terrorists..... Indoctrinated, Uneducated, & unwilling to learn, yet they believe quite the contrary. They think they need a president and government to save themselves, but really we need to kick the neoestablishment to the curb and Realize we have been duped.

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

Ignorance and trust in their party

Which is what RINOs rely on.


Hindsight is 20/20 !

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Then people wonder

why we are in such bad shape. With friends like these people going to the polls, who needs enemies ? You can just hear the Fox fear propaganda oozing out of their every breath. Same mentality of those who voted for hope and change, its just coming from the other side of the same room.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Know your enemy.

I hope this serves as a lesson to all of us who still think we can intellectualize our way to victory. We are shepherds and sheep. I love this RP supporter, but you can't use a Phillips on a flathead screw. With all of the wisdom this patriot exhaustively busted out, do you realize that only 4 words were necessary to change her mind? "I support Ron Paul" said by Sean Hannity. Other than having a equally sharp argument that could begin to erode their unconditional trust in the propagandists, I'm not sure what tactic would work.

Cognitive Disonance in action!

Was that a text book example of cognitive dissonance or what?

Those sunglasses! When he pulled out the 'blinders' comment at the end...well it was just so fitting.

He closed that so well when he told them if they want to stand with the banks and Goldman Sachs...they were practically speechless but the cognitive dissonance had them reeling and they snapped right back into their robotic We will stand with Romney - all systems against Obama.

What do these people need to be convinced...pictures of Mitt Romney rolling over their relatives with tanks? What evidence do the sheep need to question what is going on?

This guy was amazing; he had every fact. Great job by this guy. Maybe zany sunglass woman will go home and google some stuff. Even though she crawled back in her Romney shell, some ideas were planted and she may just start researching in order to support her position. The husband is probably a lost cause.


one day. Average ignorant americans will loose all of their land, money, etc. while the rich would have fled to other countries!!!

Despite ALL the FACTS, that STUPID woman still sticks to Romney????

Typical shallow and superficial..that's how the clueless sheeps

are. Ditto for her oblivious, speechless "Yes, mam." with the cap.

Nice yellow plastic Ray Bans, btw.

Love the guy on the bike


I think your average potato

is smarter than that woman.