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Ron Paul repeats his lack of intention to endorse Romney

In this video about QE3 Peter Schiff and Ron Paul discuss the disaster that is QE3.

At the end Ron is asked whether he is going to endorse Romney:



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Hey Granger

Are you listening? Ron Paul does not endorse your man. Why don't you tell us all again why you do?

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Why torment her, when she is trying to figure out what she

she should be doing? We each have DIFFERENT mission & calling. She is valiantly walking her own path: I respect and love her for that :-)

+ 1

I agree with you.
Hope she reads your comment and feels better.

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Ron Paul does not endorse Gary Johnson.

Why don't you ask the Johnsonites to explain why they do as well?

Ron said Johnson was

Ron said Johnson was wonderful. that everyone should vote their conscience. Maybe not an endorement but good.

Yep, he also said

that Romney is better than Obama on taxes. He later told Cavuto at the RNC that he feels Rommey is better than Obama on some issues.

I'll definitely be voting my conscience and I could never live with my conscience if Obama got a second term and I didn't vote for only person on the ballot capable of defeating him.