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New crop circle, pretty amazing

More pictures at the Crop Circle Connector

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Any civilizations taking applications for an Earth-born ambassador? I'd like to request a one-way ticket off this crazy rock.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Nice reminder

that there is wonder around us and we should come up for air once in awhile to behold it.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


good one.


We're all just sitting around the campfire at the moment telling stories. When it's time to rise again, everybody will be on the same page, but for the moment, let people blow off a little steam.

The crop circle people are just throwing it out there, loosen a few buttons on your colonial suits for the moment and just chill.

Everybody has a different degree of tolerance, being pounded with 20 stories that give us 20 different headaches isn't a way to go either.

Ron Paul himself says liberty brings all types of people together, leave it at that.

The trust has been broken

Only less than a year ago, I thought that the American people chose who they wanted for president.

I think it's important to remember, that for a LOT of people here at the DP, our minds have been blown.
A signature of this liberty movement is the "waking up" process, where so many foundational things we believed were true, are revealed as complete falsehoods. The process is just like Neo getting unplugged in "The Matrix"...minus the robots and goo.

After witnessing what we've seen in the past year alone, one can't help but ask, "if they've lied about ____, what else have they been keeping from me?"

The trust has been broken...and that's a beautiful thing. We should celebrate this trust in the state and state media being broken :D

And though it does fuel the Paulite conspiracy stereotypes, entertaining taboo subjects is a natural symptom of this newly shattered trust in the system. So let's encourage free exploration, celebrate liberated minds, and the search for truth!

Welcome to the desert of the

Welcome to the desert of the real ;-O

who is running this ?

i understand the RP campaign is nearly over, but crop circles on front page !!??

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


NEARLY OVER?!?! What on earth is going on here?


It looks more like a Mercedes symbol than a peace sign.. maybe the aliens (or the bored citizens of farm town) are materialistic?

I wonder if the farmer could make more money from having a crop circle than the loss of the crop which was smashed to the ground.


Ok, crop circles being moved to the front page as opposed to actual meaningful news on world events, the Federal Reserve, and the liberty movement is where I take a break folks.

You want to argue about 9/11? Fine. It's annoying and disruptive, but I understand it. Crop circles? Why don't we call M Night Shamalan out here as guest speaker?

I'll be back in a bit when things go back to some semblance of serious.

Eric Hoffer

Crop Circles

Are pretty. Why are you so mad about pretty? Can't you enjoy something pretty? Or do you only think HARD HITTING expositions of political and media fraud are pretty?! Come on man, relax.

No problem

In the off topic section. It IS a problem on the front page.

This is what the OFF TOPIC section is made for. Instead it was posted in current events and is on the front page. People who are new to Ron Paul come here looking for information and discussion on his positions. Instead we have a glaring "Bring on the Crazies!" sign on our front page.

Just saying, it's pretty, stupid, and not related in any way shape or form to Dr. Paul or his policy positions.

I also find the Sara Underwood to be pretty. I don't see any photos of her on the front page. Why is she not included? My cat is really pretty as well, just absolutely a gorgeous animal. Can't she go on the front page?

Do you see how absurd this is?

Eric Hoffer


All I see is how angry you are and still vehemently demand you relax. ha. Maybe we need to discuss Ron Paul's policies on crop circles and then you can feel better. Or we could call Ron and talk about your cat! As for making a sex object of some girl you think is hot, that's just gross dude.


Ah, so pointing out absurdity means I'm unrelaxed? It's just silly that I can't point potential Paul supporters to the Daily Paul without fearing that they'll see obvious idiocy like this post on the front page and be immediately turned off.

As for the making a sex object of... care if I ask what you're talking about? I'm not entirely certain, but you seem to have taken a swift dive off into the deep end.

Eric Hoffer


I see, only you are logical and the rest of us are quacks, I get it. My mistake, if I had known I was nuts sooner I could have got on board with Romney already, Dang! Thanks for letting me know where I stand! All the people and our idiocy who are not flipping out about the crop circle post will quickly align with your standards and cease and desist all thinking not pre-approved by you. Ha. Sex object joke, not gotten, I see. Not that I think you get many jokes or understand humor, or beauty or a lot of things that us crazy people value. But you're free to feel that way, liberty and all that. Good luck with being grouchy!

damn bro

who put a stick up ur butt

I'm 100% with you. I'm

I'm 100% with you. I'm out... I'll just check Reason, Rockwell, CATO and MISES... I guess.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

50% of those sites are

50% of those sites are libertarian! :D

thumbs down

Putting crop circle threads on the front page is a distraction in my opinion.

And it's silly

isn't that the same green pasture

Isn't that the same green pasture where the sheep wearing Christmas light vests made patterns in the night.

Have they trained the sheep to make crops circles. The same way you train sheeple to vote.

Free includes debt-free!


...it's a Rubik's Cube.

Excellent crop circle.

Trespassing and vandalizing is not a good idea, but I did, once upon a time, ride on a combine as a passenger, so I am able assure myself that the pushed over wheat will not go to waste. The combine will pick it up.

Always Amazing

The complexity of the latest crop circles is always mind boggling. I cannot imagine someone making these at night, and to try to make these during the daytime, would surely have them be caught sooner or later.

So, who or what is creating these works of art? Why haven't they been caught, if it is "Joe Crop Circle Makers" with their string and board stompers?

If I was a farmer with one of these made in my field, I would be a bit pissed as there is some crop loss as an account of the crop circle. I would be setting out some traps to catch who or whatever is making them. haha


Well, I guess I shouldn't be sooo surprised. You already have the conspiracy theorists that the think the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11, and all those who oppose them are in denial. (A simple Google search will reveal a number of photos of American Airlines garbage strewn across the front lawn, but I digress.)

Could be fake, but

Could be fake, but nevertheless thought provoking: http://lh3.ggpht.com/cultofthedeadfish/SHcIblZ9NpI/AAAAAAAAA....

most of the truthers

I talk to say the PLANE was used as the missile. Not that an actual missile was fired. Its amazing to me that there are closed minded rp supporters. But u gotta take the dumb with the smart

Close minded?

Not sure why I am voted down and deemed closed minded for disputing rumors and conspiracy with FACTS. Seriously, ya'll. I don't think the government has been entirely on the up and up about 9/11, but some of these "conspiracy sites" are no better with their fact checking and don't care if what they say is true or not, just as long as it sells.

Unfortunately, some "truthers" can't actually handle TRUTH.


Guess the liberty movement is just going to devolve into nonsense.


I don't think this should be on the front page either because it implies something that simply isn't true. It's promotion of a hoax.