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Sabotage Against the Grassroots by Paid Staffers within the Ron Paul Campaign: a Review

A number of people within the paid staff of the Ron Paul campaign have exhibited behaviour proving that rather than being “in it to win it” they were “in it to lose it.” These individuals include Trygve Olson, Jesse Benton, Dimitri Kesari, Drew Ivers, and Matt Collins. These individuals impeded the opportunity for victory, which was confirmed by a number of grassroots activists. Even so, activists have hesitated to make their experiences public during the campaign for fear of undermining Dr. Paul's efforts or causing him undue duress.

Yet, now, with J. Benton joining the staff of a man who is Dr. Paul's polar opposite, Mitch McConnell, it becomes clear that numerous people within the campaign were not only unfriendly to the liberty movement but were also antagonistic. This means that they were antagonistic to Dr. Paul himself. It also means they are enemies to the revolution. Yet, the fact that they took the peoples' money while doing the opposite of their desires while places them in a league all by themselves: traitors to the extreme.

People bled hard to fund this revolution. The campaign pleaded for funds on the basis that it would support the efforts of the people. Yet, many staffers did the opposite. Through this, they interfered with the efforts of the grassroots to win votes and elections as well as to prevent those elections from being stolen.

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