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Is Mitch McConnel an Audit The Fed S. 202 Co-Sponsor?

If not, WHY? Since Benton appears to be trading on the liberty movement to work for the neocon, did he at least get a bone? (other than the money he will make?) I understand Rand's strategy, though I think it is a dangerous game. Will he be able to play it & still retain his Libertarian principles (you know the ones the founding fathers followed)? His voting record will prove this...so far so good Rand, dont succumb to the machine. Dont compromise your principles...you have a lot of young people, eager to do the right thing, intently watching. Even if you want to distance yourself politically from your father (because you are your own man), follow in your fathers footsteps, & you will keep the support of the liberty community & we will have a chance at this thing!

Audit The Fed
Audit The Pentagon

(The two dominating powers that will ruin this country, the military industrial complex & the monetary industrial cartel)

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Not Yet;)

Not Yet;)



According to this article, McConnell will vote for Audit the Fed if it's brought to the Senate floor. That being said, the article also shows Benton had no idea whether or not Mitch supported it when he was first hired by him.

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Even John McCain is cosponsoring it, but McConnel no.

Nope. He would not co-sponsor it

Jesse does not care about politics, or anything Ron Paul stands for. All he cares about is Jesse.