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CA colleges threaten potential students

Cal State plans to send a letter to applicants saying, in effect, their chances for admission are higher if the tax hike on the Nov. 6 ballot passes. Tax foes say that's illegal.

Hundreds of thousands of applicants to California State University campuses this year will be receiving a warning instead of the typical warm note thanking them for their interest.

The spots they are hoping to fill next year, the prospective students will be cautioned, could evaporate if the governor's push to raise taxes in November fails. The letter also will say no admissions decisions will be made until a few weeks after the election, a departure from the usual policy of notifying applicants beginning in October.

The likely take-away: Vote Yes on Proposition 30 to help boost your prospects.

"Because enrollment capacity is tied to the amount of available state funding, the campuses will be able to admit more applicants if Proposition 30 passes and fewer applicants if the proposition fails," says a draft of a letter to be emailed to applicants at CSU Monterey Bay starting Oct. 1.

If the measure passes, it says, "the CSU budget would be less likely subject to cuts, and potentially could be increased in future years." The missive notes that the Board of Trustees has endorsed Proposition 30 and includes a link to the Yes on 30 campaign.



If you live in California, make yourself knowledgeable about Proposition 30!

This is the TOP issue Democrats will be focusing on.

Prop 30 raises taxes on EVERYONE. It will raise the state sales tax, which is already the HIGHEST in the nation, by another 3%. How many people in California have gotten a 3% raise lately?

Prop 30 will also raise personal income taxes on those earning $250,000 or more.

The Governor decided to hold education funds hostage with this proposition. The state can easily prioritize their spending and cut educations funds last.

Prop 30 will drive businesses out of the state and will not structurally fix education.

Educate others on Prop 30 and urge them to vote NO.


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One of the biggest problems

with taxes is that we are forced to pay for Statist propaganda.