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My Somewhat OK Idea to Save the Economy and the Dollar

I sent a postcard to Ben Bernanke with my brilliant idea to save the economy and he completely ignored it. I even used bright red crayon on both sides to make sure he'd see it!

If some of you techie-type people out there can figure out how to send an 'email' to Mr. Bernanke, or teach me how to do this, as well as how to make all the letters red so he'll know it's something important, let me know in the comments.

So here is my pretty good idea:

1. Everybody in America goes to a bank, any bank, with all of their money, and
1a. Give it to the bank.

2. The banks send all the money to Washington D.C., or wherever it is they have the printing presses for our money.
2a. The government of course gives the banks a receipt.

3. The printing company buys some red ink and gets some rubber stamps in the shape of an 'O' or a '0/zero'.

4. They stamp a zero on every bill after the number telling how much the bill is worth. For example, the 1s would become 10s, the 5s would become 50s, etc.
............................Useful Chart..........................

1 Dollar---becomes---10 Dollars
2 Dollars--becomes---20 Dollars
5 Dollars--becomes---50 Dollars
10 Dollars--becomes--100 Dollars
20 Dollars--becomes--200 Dollars
50 Dollars--becomes--500 Dollars
100 Dollars--becomes-1000 Dollars

5. The government mails the money back to the banks who give the money back to the people starting with whoever needs it the most. This would start with the rich since they would need the money to pay the middle class their $200,000-250,000 per year. Then the extremely poor to prevent rioting. Then the middle class cause they're the smallest group.

6. Everything is fixed!

Now, I can just hear all the naysayers: Chris. This idea isn't feasible. It's not realistic. Are you out of your frickin' gourd?

Possibly. But that doesn't take away from the brilliance and awesomeness of my idea. Allow me to explain why it's so great:

1. The money will be worth 10 times as much as it was, so people can buy 10 times as much stuff, creating jobs.

2. Only real money will be upgraded, so no counterfeit currency will get the red circle stamps. This will build confidence in the dollar.

3. Companies that produce red ink, rubber stamps, and those paper strips with dollar amounts printed on them will all get a boost, helping the stock market.


In conclusion, the Daily Paul does not offer the option to close comments on posts, so, if you must, let me know what you think below.

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hey weirdo...

Whoever stays up till 3 a.m. mountain time just to view my old posts needs to check the batteries in their fire alarms because that's a sensible thing to do.

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All this would do...

...is screw creditors for the benefit of debtors by reducing the real value of debt through inflation; i.e. prices would rise, debt obligations would remain the same.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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I think it is too late anyway.

I think it is too late anyway.

The US Dollar, as a fiat currency, cannot be saved. It could have been preserved a long time ago, before becoming the thing it is today.

History turned out differently.

This world doesn't deserve an economic collapse, but it does NEED one.

One cannot postpone things indefinitely. Same goes for entire nations and peoples. The only possible way out of enslavement is by having the people of the world realize who have been the criminal planners for decades.

Man wasn't created and didn't evolve on earth to become the slave of a few of his own specie.

Mankind is worth more than ANTS.

The basic requirement, necessary but sadly not sufficient, is to have this system of things collapse.

But it is our DUTY, as free men and women, for Liberty and Peace, to continue spread the truth, with all our energy, in parallel of the sad events about to occur.


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

At least

this way the people get the money first....and they create the inflation...instead of the banks and institutions getting the money first and injecting it into the economy increasing assets while dumping inflation on the people who get screwed double time. Be nice for a change for people to buy up assets and dump inflation on the banks and institutions....see how long the "stimulus" continues with this type of setup.

This is the plan Bernanke is already using

You must have sent this idea in a long time ago, because this is the plan the Fed is already using. Of course they simplified it to make it more workable. Instead of collecting all the bills and then having to get them back out to all the people, they just add all the zeros to the banks' bottom line through lending them 10 times as much. Then the banks are in charge of distributing the new money out to the people. There are still a few kinks in the process in that respect.

The beauty of this modified approach is the Fed gets to keep all the red ink. They really, really love red ink. In fact, although you used crayon, I'm sure they were very happy to get your red contribution.

Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!

What could go wrong?

Next time use a green crayon. Bernanke likes green. Oh and draw some helicopters on it too, he loves those. You'll get a response in no time.

Hahaha, as if this was any more absurd than what the fed is already doing and the people accept. Great post!

Thanks. The Idea started from thinking about counterfeiting

I had to explain again to someone that it is perfectly legal to collect old copper pennies for their copper content, and that it is only illegal to alter a bill or coin by increasing the face value. Writing 'Ron Paul for Prez' or 'Where's George' on a bill is legal, drawing a zero after the face value could get one in trouble.

Unless the government does it - they seem to have a license on counterfeiting...

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Well, they sure have one

"they seem to have a license on counterfeiting..."

Well, they sure have one :


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The problem isn't with the money in circulation

or even the total of that money. The problem is the total that is owed to bond-holders by our government in our name. (Gives Of, By and For The People" a new meaning, doesn't it?) By giving people who now hold cash a 90% increase in holdings, you would be skewing so many industries against each other just based on the arbitrary coincidence of whether you caught them on payday or the day before. For this reason and others, I have to assume you are indeed joking.

However, the problem isn't all as bad as people do think. According to our Constitution, our government has the right to coin money and set its value. This is the function of a central bank so it is 'allowable' to nationalize the 'central' part of our banking system. By allowable, I'm referring to 'easy for congress to support while saving face. We just have to get them to feel the need.

It's also not too hard to take down the big central banks if we understand how leveraged they are. When they are 100:1 borrowed on their assets, that means any drop in asset value (or a forcing of them to sell assets) would cut their total 'wealth' by 100x. If the big banks which are the actual members and shareholders of the Federal Reserve were the ones to crash, then Congress would instantly nationalize either them or the function they now hold.

If we had a way to eliminate or a plan to steadily reduce all the money we pay monthly to these banks, they would go under in very short order. To do this, here are some ways to stop that flow (which is orders of magnitude larger than people think.)

Investing in a local startup business at 20% annual interest rate would double the return over the stock market while cutting the business's costs by half. Sidestep the market and go local. Create and online site or tool to make this available to 401K holders to switch to.

Small borrowing, like for a car, home or education, for a fixed fee (20% total, not per any time) would allow for rapid payoffs and profit both borrower and lender while robbing the banks of their monthly allowances. Create an online tool to facilitate these transactions.

Focusing charity on eliminating local indebtedness stops those people from getting hooked on the debt that the big banks use to keep those people in their grasp. Create a charity for this purpose.

Businesses that start up with traditional investments (from banks to angels) get forced to add so much complexity and overhead to their company that they are forced to borrow 100 times what they need. (Most businesses could start up with $100-500k total which is peanuts to a whole community.) This is by design so they become swindled out of the control of the company and the company is forced to target global markets instead of sustainable smaller ones. If local money was loaned or donated to them instead, their prices would plummet and the could operate on flat, non-growing markets. Income raises would come from technology like it should be and would grow faster than inflation. Global mega-corporations would not be able to compete and would have to either lobby for more restrictive regulations or go under. Assuming the business could avoid those regulations, due to its local support, the money transacted all stays in the local community. Set up a site to show that by crowd-funding businesses or just flat out donating the upfront costs, the entire community benefits perpetually.

Give innovators and inventors all the assistance they need and more. These are the people who are solving problems like renewable energy, sustainable food, clean water and other technical issues. They work for virtually nothing compared to the benefits they will offer if they made a breakthrough and started a company.

All the methods above keep a community's money local. Today, we send billions to OPEC, billions more to Wall St., and still billions more to Atlanta (insurance). If we just kept that money local, we would have soaring wage inflation, followed by short term goods and services inflation, followed by a surge in competition on quality, followed by price deflation, followed by a savings jump and finally followed by a steady decline in the retirement age. As people began to retire at earlier ages, the employment workforce would diminish until it became a worker's market. Then wage inflation would become self sustaining because workers would be scarce, not jobs, so the fluff (excess, not needed) jobs would go away and then unemployment would go negative and stay there.

All of these methods also need no government intervention since the nationalization part is only needed to speed things up and to save the dollar. Neither of which can stop the end goal from taking place.

This is rediculous. I can

This is rediculous. I can buy a rubber stamp and red ink for about $10. With the first 0 I stamp on a $100 bill, I've increased its value (minus the cost of the stamp and ink) $990. Why would I bother to send my money to the bank for stamping??? I could be among the first to receive my 1000% increase, and therefore go on a buying spree before retail prices increase by 1000% when everyone else get's their stamped money back.

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WRONG! If you do this it would be counterfeiting! However,

If the government does it it would be legit, so the bills would actually be worth 10 times as much.

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Yes but if I wait for "legit"

Yes but if I wait for "legit" then prices will have also risen 10 times. Therefore I would gain no benefit, as I have no debt to pay off. Those who have debt would benefit immensely, and BY GOLLY I WANT MINE TOO!!! I'll go the stamp your own route...

PS, you know this is actually what the Weimar Republic resorted to when they couldn't physically print currency fast enough to keep up with price increases, just rubber stamping a new image over the old. Seems it didn't work for them, which makes me wonder, WHY WOULD BEN NOT BE CONSIDERING DOING SUCH???

Oh, and BTW...it is ONLY by increasing the amount of physical currency, not ledger credit currency, that hyperinflation occurs. You won't find a single instance of hyperinflation in a country that has a physical currency, such as ours, with the highest denomination with only 2 zeros on it. They generally have a currency with at least 5 zeros, and more, and have 100's of trillions hard currency in circulation, if not 100's of quadrillions...Ledger credits drop to near nothing as people don't want to keep money for very long...virtually all the money during hyperinflation is in the form of hard currency.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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LOL. So, you reworked your

LOL. So, you reworked your post title ?


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Um, that would not make the value

of our money increase. It would give the illusion that it did. Funny money is funny money. You cannot just slap some green (or in this case red) ink on a piece of paper and call it a store of value. LOL wait a minute, this is satire isn't it. hahah

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

The notes would still have the words 'legal tender for all debts

public or private' written on them, which is a de facto 'gun to the head' of anyone with merchandise for sale which would force them to accept the bill in exchange.

So the producers of goods would be forced, you might say, to accept the re-valued bills.

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You sure

this isn't satire?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

You first. Show me an aspect of the world we live in that isn't

self-satire and I will then admit that this article/post was, indeed, intended mainly to get people to think about why they put their faith in little green pieces of paper (oops, was that an admission?)

:) !!!

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Here's an even nicer idea, to my taste

Here's an even nicer idea, to my taste anyway.

Seriously, I probably could do it easily, when I look at our household money flows, I just need to convince dear wife :

let's just STOP USING banks.


Whatever the form of money is, the manipulation and holding of it, with its debasing, works a lot thanks to the banks, accomplices of the globalists fractional reserves SCAM.

Let us go back to natural capitalism.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

bitcoin, silver and tobacco

Are all I need.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Here is my brilliant

Here is my brilliant plan:

Put all the criminal decision makers and criminal power brokers of the world on a aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Have pay per view cage matches between those leaders 24/7 a day for a year. We could raise enough money to pay off the debt and get things on track. Meanwhile, the world would probably be peaceful in the absence of the criminal elite. At the end of the year, the criminal elite who survive get jobs cleaning our toilets.

Great idea

but we would need many aircraft carriers. Maybe we could send them all afloat on giant barges of the plastic bottle islands we are creating worldwide with our wasteful use of water bottles.


I would pay whatever PPV wanted to charge

I just had this flash, envisioning hosting a super bowl-like party...with chips and beer and ahh...

that's a great idea Victoria...

This plan goes perfectly with

This plan goes perfectly with my plan to raise the minimum wage to 1 million dollars an hour. Imagine only having to work 1 hour a year and you'd be rich!

Sounds like a plan the fED could understand.


"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
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TOO MANY DOLLARS trying to purchase TOO FEW goods and services.

That is called inflation.

When the FED pumps "liquidity," (billions of dollars) into the economy, the amount of money increases, BUT - the amount of goods and services remains the same. THAT is a HUGE problem!!!

The FED is diluting the dollar, making it worth less and less.

Prices go up, not only because the dollar keeps losing value, but also because businesses have to keep up with increasing demand.

I own a business. I produce goods and provide a service, but I can not keep up with the rising demand. I can not hire more employees because I am taxed to the hilt. We can only produce so much with limited resources.

When the demand for goods and services exceeds the abilities of the business owner providing those goods and services, they are essentially FORCED to raise their prices just in order to keep up with rising demand.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.



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That's a good idea also thanks.

Stamping the bills with A+++ along with the extra zero would assure people the money was good.

Maybe even a stylized A inside a circle???

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You Need to Give This "Brilliant" Idea Some More Thought

Your scheme inflates the money supply by 1000 (one thousand) percent. How do you think the free market will react?

"Oh look, Chis just came into a fiat windfall! His $1000 bank account is now worth $10,000. Whoopee! Let's raise retail prices on consumer goods and services 2000 percent! Yeah!"

Markets always react to the anticipation of monetary inflation trickling down into the economy by raising prices at the point of sale (retail inflation). Every time the Federal Reserve does another round of "QE" you're going to see prices rise on everything.

You weren't serious were you (chuckling to myself)?

The companies that raise their prices

would want to pay their employees 10 times as much so they don't have to pay taxes on all the extra income.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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How do you change the pennies?