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Ex-CIA Officer Michael Scheuer on Fox Business 9/14/12: Mrs. Clinton Has Blood on Her Hands Everywhere


Also see: Michael Scheuer blowing the lid off Libya and the fraudulent Wars Live on CNN 9/5/11


Michael Scheuer: Secretary Clinton Knows Little about Middle East Policy/ supports Dr. Ron Paul's foreign policy 9/13/11


Scheuer officially endorsed Dr. Ron Paul for President 2012 (1/6/12)


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This is really good...

I wish more people could see these. The one problem I have is blaming Hillary for this mess. Yes, I am disgusted and sickened by her performance, but she is not the mastermind, she works for him.

Excellent commentary but

Scheuer needs to learn the REAL definition of Anarchy. The word Anarchy has been eviscerated by "educators" and the MSM.

Freedom lovers don't need someone as intelligent as Scheuer continuing to apply negative connotations to a word that merely means "without rulers"!

On a related note, while I was driving today...I saw a car with the Anarchy sign (essentially a BIG A circled) on the back windshield. I pulled up beside it at the next red light and the driver had a Ron Paul T-Shirt on and the passenger was wearing a Ron Paul R3VOLUTION bracelet. I held up a Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker that I keep sitting on my dashboard. We all smiled at each other and I could feel the love moving back and forth from my car to theirs! :)

Hillary has had blood on her hands all the way back to

Mena Arkansas and Vince Foster. She is consistant if nothing else.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Ain't it the truth!

Mr. Scheur always speaks his mind and tells it the way he sees it. Says sending 50 Marines up against 10,000 incorrigible armed radical individuals is dangerous.

Thanks for posting this video.

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Scheuer is a good man. Since this is a clip

from Fox, how do Republican Neocons and Romney/Ryan continue on their own bloodthirsty mission?

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